Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One year older and wiser, too!

First year of marriage - check.
That's right, we've passed the year mark. CRAZY RIGHT?!
Maybe because Trent and I have known each other - and been "together" - for almost 4 years, this last year has flown by in some ways, yet at the same time, it feels like we've been married forever in other ways. I wouldn't trade my life for anyones.

If the first year is the worst, then we are in for a wonderful life.

One of Trent's cousins and his wife put it best I think: it's not that the first year is terrible, but everything is new and exciting - the highs are higher and the lows are lower. I like that concept. I can see it in my marriage for sure. The whole, first year of marriage is the hardest - I don't buy into it. You can't tell me that your first child doesn't take you right back to square one again - or each kid after that; or that having a teenager doesn't throw a wrench into things; or that any sort of financial, physical, or frustrating trial doesn't stress a marriage. I think there must be a year or two later down the road for most couples that prove harder. I mean, I'm not hoping so, life will be great if this is it. But I'll stick with the rollercoaster theory.

So anniversary... If you know Trent, you know he's not romantic. At all. He claims romantic thinking completely evades him. He's much too logical to be a helpless romantic. What a shame right? Well logic comes in handy most of the time and I love him for it. But knowing this, I knew - and had been warned by every female in his family - that I would have to prompt Trent when I'm hoping for a little romance. So for the past month I've talked to Trent about wanting to do something for our anniversary, and that I wanted him to plan something - anything. I reminded him last Sunday and he said we probably wouldn't celebrate our anniversary this month (hunting season), I don't mind but told him to decide and let me know BEFORE our anniversary weekend WHEN we were going to celebrate. I just wanted a specific time for celebrating.

I have to admit - I was afraid nothing was going to happen. I kept trying to reason with myself so I wouldn't be disappointed. Trent didn't say anything about our anniversary all week so I just went with it.

But our anniversary weekend was wonderful and I don't know if everything that made it wonderful was even part of the plan or not, but it was perfect. Saturday we just hung out, went for sushi for lunch, then a movie in the afternoon, and just hung out the rest of the evening. It was nice to just have a day to ourselves. I was a little bit upset when at 9pm Trent got up and announced he was going to go buy a book. You don't understand. When Trent buys a new book, that's the last I see of him until that book is read. Even while I write this, he's in the bedroom reading. It would ruin our anniversary (the next day) for sure.

When we got home from church, Trent said exasperatedly, "Ok, well you're the hardest person to surprise, so go to your room." What? I sat on our bed until he told me I could come out, and what has my wonderful husband done? The table is covered with a nice blanket (we have no tablecoths), there are candles lit, and a red gift bag with a white envelope that says, "For my darling wife". I could have cried, but instead I couldn't stop smiling. He tried. He really tried.

The fact that the card said beautiful things, and the bag contained a new camera to replace my long lost one, was just icing on the cake. I'm so happy. Thrilled. Maybe other people need big romantic acts, but I just need little ones; maybe because coming from a non-romantic person, a little thing is really quite big.

Trent was exasperated because it was hard for him to secretly buy the camera last week, and when he had slipped out to buy his book, he picked up the card and came home to me saying that sometimes when he goes out I secretly wish he was planning something for us (I'm a jerk, I know); then Sunday he had tried to leave his Priesthood lesson material at home so he'd have an excuse to run home (and set up my surprise), but I noticed he didn't have it and reminded him on the way out the door; he tried to get me to get a ride home after church (since I had choir), but I quickly told him not to leave because I didn't think choir was going to happen, so we waited a couple minutes - choir wasn't going to happen - and we went home together. Plan foiled x2. He just couldn't get home before me to set up his surprise. My bad. But it was still a surprise because I wasn't expecting anything, and it made me so happy anyways! So happy. Like I think I've been smiling ever since. I love him so much.

PS. How great is that stache?? And by great I mean...
I still love him so much.