Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Having a Husband

Having Trent back is SO nice. And he managed to get on an earlier flight so he arrived at 3:30pm Friday instead of 7:30pm! It was an awesome surprise. Friday we just hung out, went to the football game with Robbie and Bailey and back to their place to watch the Hunger Games - still so good. It was really nice to have a normal fun evening with my husband and friends. I felt a little desperate at times for him to never leave my side, but I know I'm a crazy person so I tried to let it pass.

Then Saturday we ran some necessary errands to tie up some loose ends before our trip while the carpet cleaners and maids did their thing in our apt. We also made a "necessary" trip to Cabella's. Of course it was necessary haha. True sign of Trent being back - and hunting on the brain immediately. They didn't have any more in of the tree stand he wants, so I'm now commissioned to return frequently and watch for one. Or two? That boy. We did get me some awesome hunting boots and socks and a self heating cushion for the treestand we will get. Love it. He's really quite thoughtful. He knows how cold my feet and I get so he made sure we had the warmest dryest boots and socks we could get. Since I plan on being his ride along this fall. Maybe I'll get a deer with my bow! We already have one on Trent's trail cam we might try for me. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

We spent the evening looking at hardwood and tile, trying to envision what we really want in our new house! We found this great bargain place in S'toon that should at least make our hardwood dreams come true. And maybe even tile, too! It's so much fun to look around and dream and have it actually matter. Like, it's decision time! We really CAN have that colour and style if we want. WHAT DO I WANT?? Oh it's so hard to know. I've never had a house before! How do you decide what is the most you and most beautiful and most practical all at once?? Someone, please tell me.

Sunday was my last day as the primary chorister. It was kind of bitter sweet. I actually really love that calling most days. So we played our games and sang our songs and I handed over my songbook and binder. *sigh*. Here's to seeing what Cold Lake has in store for Trent and I at church! And I'm a little sad we'll be missing this next Sunday in S'toon because they're rearranging all the ward boundaries! Like major renovations happening here! They're disbanding the YSA branch, too! OH MY GOODNESS. So much excitement haha. I really can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Before church I had lamented to Trent how I had forgotten about all the condiments in the fridge and I left too much in the fridge freezer. I know it sounds silly, but standing there looking at all of those things that we were either going to have to give or throw away - it was so much money! We had some really good stuff left in there - and practically full. So Trent had suggested we skip church and go to Cold Lake. It really wasn't a bad idea. I kind of wanted to. Not for the skipping church part, but for the going to Cold Lake with Trent and saving the food and showing him the house! But since it was my last day in primary, I figured I should go. And I really wanted to just sit beside my husband in Sacrament Meeting. Call me simple.

After church, though, I still just couldn't believe we were throwing away all that goodness. So Trent and I decided, that's it, we're going to Cold Lake! So for the next 30-45 min we rushed to get everything for Hawaii organized, everything for Trent's BDOC organized, and everything else that could stay in Cold Lake organized. We were supposed to do the walk-through of our apt with the building manager that evening, but she refused to answer her door every time I knocked on it. Oh well. By 6pm, we were loaded and on our way to Cold Lake. Crazy, right? We took a "short cut" secondary road which ended up being a complete adventure. Compact, potholed, dirt road majority of the way. Narrow, winding, through Indian country - a horse and native came out of nowhere and scared the heck out of us at one point. It's too bad it was dark, because I'm sure at least the scenery would have been lovely... But we still got there in 4 hours, which is about how long it takes on the more main roads at speed limit so not all was lost. We spent the next 2.5 hours measuring out every square inch of the house so we'd have as exact an outline as possible for planning flooring and painting and reno's. It was a great thing to get done, because now Trent can really plan and look into things in his spare time in Ontario. We fell into bed about 12:45am ish and set our alarm for 5:15am. We had to be back in S'toon by 10am to re-load the car with Hawaii and BDOC stuff, leave a note and keys for our building manager, return our internet router to shaw, and get to the airport by 11am to check in for our 12:15pm flight! Needless to say, I was very exhausted driving back to S'toon. But we timed everything perfectly and it all worked out great! All we have to hope now is I really do get our damage deposit back haha. By the time we landed in Hawaii, I couldn't even comprehend last night's adventure having happened at all, forget about it happening within the same 24 hours! But that's a true sign of Trent being back - adventures. I love it. We're crazy people.

Now Hawaii is a whole other blog post, I'm afraid. I just happen to wake up at 7am here and thought I might share some stories! Hawaii is a dream. But Trent's up now so I'm done here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2 & 3

Tuesday was a lot calmer day than Monday. The movers were still MIA, but I got a call around 6:30am from the guy hauling Trent's truck. He just wanted to make sure I was around and had possession of the house before he left Edmonton. Uh, yup, thanks for the wake up call. So then I was pretty much awake for the day. Awesome.

Since it was going to take a while for the guy to get here with Trent's truck I figured I'd head to McDonald's for breakfast and wait for him to call. I ended up spending something like 3 hours there. Just loitering and using their free WiFi. No call. But a lot of productive internetting.

In the end the truck didn't end up showing up until 2pm. Ugh. So I got to hang out around the acreage for a while. Which as beautiful as it is outside - it's empty inside. And was raining. But have you ever seen a vehicle load or unloaded onto a flatbed truck? Kind of cool.

Wednesday was a little more productive. THE MOVERS CAME! Hurrah! And it only took from 8:30am-2pm to unload and unpack! The two guys were nice and efficient. Good combo. And as weird as it may sound, when they put the first part of the sectional in the living room, all of a sudden it was a home. It was an odd click. But it made me so happy.

One tragic realization about the house, though - the kitchen has even less cupboard and counter space than the apartment! Sad sad day. And I no longer have a giant front closet to use as a pantry. It must all go in the basement. There's almost literally no room for any food in the kitchen. So sad. I think kitchen reno may have to be numero uno on the list! (Right along with the carpets getting ripped out, because though much improved, pee smell still persists. Ew.)

Once the movers were gone, and all my possessions were successfully strewn all over the house (all the movers do is take everything out of the boxes and leave them on the floor/counters) I only had it in me to do a little general organizing, then I had to go buy a late lunch. I was starving. So I got my food and headed to the marina to enjoy the sun. And somehow I found myself taking a nap on a bench there... it was a lovely nap. Who knew I'd be that person? But I sure am. I was full out asleep. My cell phone vibrating scared me awake.

I got to watch sailboats set-up and prep to go out, though. The club must have had something going because there were 8 of them that went out. It was really cool. I don't think I've ever seen a sailboat close up. With my nap and watching the sailboats for 2 hours, I gave up any pretend ambition of going back to the acreage and headed to Lowry's to watch a movie and eat cherries that Dave had lured me with.

I figure it's okay to turn in early, because today is going to be full of unpacking and cleaning and arranging. It's too bad we have to haul our garbage from the acreage because looking at all my stuff laid out on countertops and furniture made me want to throw a lot of it away. So today might entail a dump run too. Exciting. If I'm lucky I'll get enough done to justify going outside to garden a bit. The flowerbeds are growing over big time and it's supposed to be SO sunny and hot today. Can't wait.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Many Adventures of Moving

Well we have to start with day .5

I arrived at Cold Lake around 8:30pm and drove to the Lowry's who have been gracious enough to let me stay at their house and even gave me a key so that if they weren't back yet from Utah, I could still get in and get settled.

So I arrive and let myself in the garage and when I step into the house, I hear their alarm system. Oh yeah, alarm system. Shoot. What did they say the code was again? C'mon brain... As I'm trying to come up with the right numbers - the alarm system has had enough. It starts SCREAMING at me - and I don't even mean fire alarm screaming - I mean the loudest harshest screeching you have ever heard. I thought I was going to go deaf. Actually. Which really didn't aid in my attempt to get the right number typed in to disarm the dang thing! But I got it typed in and the horrible horrible noise stopped. Good news - the alarm system works. And if I were a burglar I definitely woulda peaced out simply due to the pain that noise inflicted on my ears. Killer. Well, then a man comes on the speaker and says they got an alarm disturbance and if everything is alright. "Uh, yes, sorry, my arms were full so it just took me a second to get the code typed in, sorry." - "No problem at all, I'll just need your name and safety code." - "My name is Cathy Bevans, I'm a friend of Dave and Marilyn's, you can call them, they know I'm coming, but I don't have a safety word..." - "No problem, thank you, have a good night."  PHEW! They did call Dave, but it's probably for the best, because then he wasn't completely surprised to see me on his couch. I'm pretty sure he forgot I was coming this weekend. And that's my arrival fiasco on day 0.5.

Now Day 1

I had a walk-through with my realtor first thing Monday morning, 8am. Just to confirm that we'll take everything as is and the sellers met all negotiated requirements. We open the front door and BAM, it hits you - the overwhelming smell of urine. GROSS. These people had cats and dogs and something in a cage, but part of the deal was for them to have the carpets professionally cleaned because that was one of my MAJOR concerns. The carpet was nasty. Pee stains and grunge everywhere. Disgusting. Well stuck nicely on the fridge door is a receipt from the carpet cleaners. What a crock. I swear all they did was poor water on the carpet and suck it back up. SO not clean. Oh and that smell just kills me! I CANNOT move my furniture and bedding and clothes into that smell. Sick. So my realtor gives me a good carpet cleaner's number and I call right then and there. I explain the situation and that the movers are probably coming tomorrow or day after and he works out getting his tech to come this very evening. THANK YOU. Seriously, my hero.

Walk through dealt with, I head back into town to the Lawyers to close on the house, 9am.

The lawyer Trent and I met with before is off on sick leave, so I'm meeting with his associate. It took them a little while to get my papers together (I guess they've had internet problems and been super busy with my lawyer gone). But I head in and we start going through the rigamarole. Everything is going smoothly and the lawyer even comments on how organized and thoughtful I am. Excellent. And then he says they can't request funds and close until they have proof of home insurance. Pardon? Totally missed that step. Shoot. I had looked into it, don't think I had completely forgotten it's necessity, but Trent was wanting to do combined house and car through the dental people, so we had decided we'd just deal with it when Trent gets back (I tried to figure it out, but I don't think I could without Trent). I had also tried to contact the lawyers last week to make sure I had everything I needed, but the receptionist said she'd have to get someone to get back to me and then no one did and when I tried calling again the next day, they had closed early. Rude. So I claim this isn't my fault. I tried. Trent and I just apparently missed that it was necessary to have for closing. Not a separate entity. Oh well... kinda. The lawyer assured me I had enough time to get it purchased and confirmed before noon, when we had to be closed by. We sign everything else and he sends me on my way to get home insurance.

I am now flying by the seat of my pants, 10am.

I have no idea how to get dental group home insurance ASAP and quite frankly in the panic of needing it I blanked and thought we were wanting it through military (totally forgot about dental). So I drive to the base and try to find the admin building, fail, and decide to go to the only place I do know, the dental unit. Thank goodness the receptionists were as nice as they promised to be when Trent and I checked in, in June. They steered me in the right direction and even sent a fax to the insurance people for me. I was on the phone on and off with the insurance guy and lawyer's secretary for close to two hours. I have no idea if I answered all the insurance questions correctly or if we're getting a good deal or what kind of coverage we have vs need. All I knew was that I needed insurance now, come hell or highwater (you'll insure for that right?). And they ask such hard questions like total amperage going into the house and what the plumbing is made of (had to call my realtor for both of those). All the while, the lawyer's secretary and I keep playing phone tag because apparently they HAVE to have a mailing address to close, as do the insurance people. But I tried to get a PO ahead of time and I CAN'T get one until I have the final purchase agreement papers. Which I only just got this morning from my realtor after the walk through.

Well all of this madness is occurring in a parking lot on the base outside the dental unit and my future office building. I literally had all the doors open and papers strewn everywhere in my car trying to find all the information the insurance guy needed. Strewn all over my tightly packed car, with a giant cooler filling the entire back seat and suitcases and bags tucked and packed in every nook and cranny. I'm sure I looked like a crazy person. Especially with the desperate look I probably had on my face.

Good news is, I was also parked right outside the base post office, which is in the same building mine and Trent's offices are in. How convenient, I think, if they'll give me a PO box here, we can just grab our mail every day on our way home from work. That sounds way better than driving to the post office separately. So I go in and sweet talk the guy into giving me a box - they're supposed to only be for people living on base in PMQ's, but since we both work right there and will get a free PO box downtown either way, he totally gave me one! Hallelujah! Something went right.

And I managed to get that mailing info to the insurance guy and the insurance info to the lawyer guy JUST in time. Like we're talking 11:35. Barely enough time for the secretary to request funds and close on the house. BUT I MADE IT! And you know what? Even if we end up cancelling this home insurance and switching it to a dental home and car bundle, whatever, it's a $100 penalty to cancel. At least we have our bases covered.

It's only almost noon and I'm starving and so frazzled, 12pm.

The rest of the afternoon is fairly uneventful. I spent a good hour or two on good reads trying to decide what I want to read now and what I want to read in Hawaii. Downloaded a couple to my kindle. Spent that whole time having to go to the bathroom, but I was sitting in the middle of a random school field and a) had no idea where to go to pee, and b) didn't have it in me to get up and go somewhere. Until I finally went to Walmart and bought batteries and used their facilities... I think I must have really fried my nerves this morning because I almost broke down bawling right there in the Walmart bathroom because I just wanted Trent there and a girl shouldn't get her first house all alone and this morning wouldn't have been crazy at all if Trent were just here and I just want him to carry me over the threshold and be excited with. Good news is, I kept it together.

I get a call from my realtor that I can pick up the key to my new house! 2:30pm.

After picking up the key, I head straight out to the acreage. Oh hey home. Weird. I've already seen two little red foxes out here. I think Trent is really going to like this place. And foxes are way prettier than coyotes so maybe I will too. I carried in all my suitcases of personal effects and threw open all the windows to try and lessen the pee smell. I also had that gigantic cooler to deal with... load by load I filled the fridge freezer with the most crucial food and then drained and rearranged the cooler and hauled it to the basement storage room where the deep freeze will be. And by hauled I mean, hobbled it to the entrance and drug it down the stairs and hobbled it a few more feet to the storage room. SO heavy! Even only half full.

I had to run back into town to mail a check to Hawaii for the deposit on the AWESOME place I found on VRBO - all props to the receptionist at work that recommended it.

I am SO excited for our own little studio a block from sunset beach! I got to the post office at 5:04pm and they were closed, but the two ladies were still there so I begged them for postage and we exchanged stamps for change under the barred sliding doors and I shoved them my letter to mail out. It was kind of humerous, but I'm so glad they were willing to play my game.

Then I just headed back to the acreage to reorganize my suitcases and wait for the carpet people, 5:30pm.

Dave came out to check out the place so I gave him the grand tour and explained all of mine and Trent's potential hopes and dreams. He agreed that the carpets had to go, and we crossed our fingers these carpet cleaners could help.

Carpet cleaner boy finally came! 7pm.

I gave him my speech on how disgusting the smell and carpets are and begged him to make it better. He promised he could! Hurray! Poor boy was at the house until 9:20pm. It was hard work to make those carpets liveable, but he totally did it and I am so so so so grateful! I haven't been back to the house yet today, but I'm excited to smell the place. Weird, I know. But I think this guy was able to get rid of the smell! Oh Hallelujah! And while he worked I managed to get the suitcases organized the way I want them for Hawaii and working in Saskatoon. AND I got all the paperwork organized for the house and military and bills, etc. I made notes in my phone of all the contact information I might ever need for all the diff things with the acreage. After a CRAZY morning, I felt much more organized and in control by the end of the day. And after the carpet cleaner left I did a little photo tour of the place! You can check it out on my facebook here.

Now I just need my stuff to arrive. The guy in S'toon had said they would arrive Monday and be ready to unload Tuesday morning. Well when I called "base traffic" first thing Monday morning, they hadn't heard from the movers at all. She said she'd call me the moment she did, but she didn't. So I guess my stuff isn't being unloaded Tuesday morning.

That's Day 1 of my crazy moving adventure. I should back track and write about the packing and loading, but that's a whole other baseball game. It's raining today and no, my stuff isn't arriving today, hopefully tomorrow. I've written this whole long post while sitting in McDonald's. Thank goodness for free WiFi and delicious bacon and egg mcmuffins. But I tell ya, it is FREEZING in here. Time to go outside where even though it's raining, I'm pretty sure it's warmer.


Adventures to be continued...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Lovin' and Lists

So far this summer has been pretty great, all things considered. And by ALL things considered, I mean considering Trent's gone. Because that's really been the only downside.

I've gotten a lot of sun already. Which, let's face it, is so important to me. I got to go home for the Canada Day long weekend and play with my family and watch fireworks - love. And I've gotten to spend time with two of my far away friends Melissa and Amy - whom both I adore and am so excited to see again when I can. I got to babysit Maja's pool for a few days, which meant more sunshine and swimming, and even a pool party with some sweet friends out here. Love it. I've gotten to ride my bike all over town. And my office isn't that busy, so I've gotten to get off early some days, which is ALWAYS nice! And I've gotten to make lots of different types of salsa - which are kind of my thing right now. I love all things homemade salsa. Mango. The best.

And now my summer is going to be so busy from here on out:
- This weekend I'm headed home for some serious family/friend time.
- Next weekend I'm going home to go camping in Waterton.
- Weekend after that the moving boys are coming and we're heading to Cold Lake with all of our stuff!
- Weekend after that I'll just barely be coming home from Cold Lake, after a week of signing, cleaning, unpacking, getting a PO box so I can start forwarding mail, and meeting at my future job!
- Weekend after that TRENT COMES HOME!!!
- Weekend after that I'll be in HAWAII at Amy's wedding!
- Weekend after that will be into September already and I'll be staying at friends' places in S'toon while I finish up working/waiting for Trent to return again.
- Give it three more weeks and then I'm getting my tonsils out on Sept 27! Hurray! And then Trent gets back on the 28th... welcome home... to poor sick me. And we get to drive to Cold Lake. I hope they give me a lot of drugs. At least Trent will be home to take care of me...?

And all the while in between I'll be working and playing all I can! I love summertime. I'd rather be busy than bored. And lonely.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Call

Yesterday the moving guy came to assess the apartment, so he could plan time and packaging for it all. He was a really friendly guy. Like, really friendly. For once, I don't mean creepy hitting on me friendly either. He just chatted me up the whole time and there came a point once we were done all the walk through and paperwork, that I thought I was actually going to have to ask him to leave. No, we're not going to just sit here and chat. We're done here. It was kind of amusing, but also slightly weird. But I just stood up and he followed my lead to the door. Thanks for the visit guy. Well in part of his babbling, he told me condos in downtown S'toon are so expensive because it's elite and prestigious. I couldn't help but laugh as I sat outside for my lunch today, in the heart of downtown, and watched a cop arrest a guy an confiscate his backpack. So elite and prestigious down here. How appropriate.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Missy

Melissa is a forever friend.
Forever friends are hard to find.
But forever friends come with two inherent qualities that result in two of my favourite things:
They come with loyalty and personality.
Which result in the best memories and the promise of more.

Today is Melissa's birthday. Melissa doesn't like birthdays. I love birthdays. I love Melissa.

And upon visiting her blog today, I ventured upon some of the reasons I love Melissa and was reminded of even more as a result. We've had some great adventures, and I wish I was on a computer that had some pics of those adventures, but perhaps I'll add some in one day. And maybe this post will not be near as funny or endearing to anyone else but us, but here is a little (and not near inclusive) recap of our friendship - and why I love Melissa:

- We met in highschool. I was her little rugby prodigy, she was my idol.
- Sleepovers at her house where she mentored me on how to get the guy and we told stories and secrets. {And then I woke up to her brother and cousin who are my age... Oh hey guys... awkward.}
- I was privy to Melissa's grad lunch with her family. I love her family.
- She went away to university, but I conveniently dated her cousin so we could hang out at family get togethers, and so I could ask her if I could live with her in Edmonton.
- Thus we became roommates. It was a wonderful year.
- She took me in and helped me make friends, and was my workout buddy. One of us always felt like running. Or late night cleaning.
- We abided by our vows of silence when we needed to study, but would talk for hours when friends on.
- Did we compete who went the longest without showering...? Yeah that happened. She won.
- Date night. Sushi. Thai. Valentines Day. Pints of ice cream. Movie rentals. Accidental all night marathons. Oodle Noodle Box. {Please next weekend?!}
- Our banter. Man we have good banter. Even if we were a little competitive ;)
- That one time we drove 10 hours just to go see boys.
- When Melissa helped Bonnie and I study for and write our nutrition final. Now that's friendship.
- Asian dress-up and epic battle at the Wilderman's.
- One time we were dancing and she decided to try and dip me and dropped me on my head instead.
- It's okay, we cuddled later. 3 way. Only we could pull that off. Sorry again for that.
- All of our dress up moments. Like stealing our roommate's clothes to dress like rock stars just to go to Wes's and play rockband with perfectly normal dressed people.
- We made lots of delicious food together.
- Photo opps.
- Melissa is not a hugger, which makes her that much more a better friend for all the hugs and hand holds and shoulders to cry on she gave me freely. This girl is the best pep talker you've ever met. And made me the greatest smile book in the world that still makes me cry every time.
- Strangers love her. Which make for good stories.
- I feel like I don't have to pretend to be anything with her or put any particular foot forward. I'm just me and she's just her and whether we get each other all the time or not, we're still us.
- Now she's a dentist and I'm married and life is different, but it's also the same.
- I get to move to Cold Lake, where her parents live and will be our best friends and I'm sure to see more of Melissa again! {You don't know how excited that makes me}

There are SO many adventures and memories and inside jokes bubbling inside me, but really I just wanted to make sure everyone appreciates today how awesome a person Melissa is! Because today's her birthday!


Whether you think I'm cheesy or not. I love you THIS MUCH :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathing Suits, Bicycles, and Bad Drivers

Today was a great day.
Today I made a delicious breakfast for one.
Today I put on my swimsuit, packed a bag, and went to the park 2 blocks away that has a splash pool and ample sunny grass for reading my kindle.
Today I stayed at that park for 4 hours until I was good and tanned (burned) and had read 45% of my book.
Today I had a handful of skittles and a bottle of water for lunch.
Today I finally hauled mine and Trent's bikes out of the back seat of my car where they've been chillin' since last weekend when I brought them back from Leth.
Today I learned that bikes get really hot in the back seat of cars and should be taken out in the morning while it's still cool so you don't have to use oven mitts to get them out and they don't scald you every time they bump your skin.
Today I went for a bike ride.
Today I almost got hit by an ambulance on said bike ride.
Yes, today I was riding down Clarence when an ambulance swerved to go around a car waiting to turn left and that ambulance came within a foot of me on my bike; pinning me between it and the curb. I had to slam on my brakes and lean away so it didn't swipe me. If I hadn't been so concerned with my life, I would have hit the side of the ambulance with my hand out of fury and to make a point of how close it was to me. A truck drove past me after and the lady called out the window that she had seen that and asked if I was okay. At least someone else witnessed my near death experience and could have called an ambulance if one had hit me.
Today I remembered how much I love riding my bike, though, despite ambulances.
Today I rode to a friend's house just because I could and hung out while her hilarious kids danced for us. (I love dancing kids) (I love dancing)
Today I watched my friend's baby sip pool water off the pavement. Repeatedly.
Today was pizza Friday at their house. I love pizza Friday.
Today I had a good conversation with my husband.
Today I love technology for keeping people far away close.
Today I wore my swimsuit all day.
Today was a great day.
Tomorrow is going to be a great day, too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BIG news

I realize it's been a while since I've written anything.
I have a couple excuses:
A) Trent was working in Moose Jaw and only home on weekends for a month and a half, so I really didn't have a whole lot to write about, then
B) Trent graduated, became a dentist, we went house hunting, and Trent left for boot camp! so I haven't had time to write about all that's been going on.

So here's my BIG news!
1) Trent graduated from Dentistry and is a full out officially licensed dentist!

Trent's awesome Captain's uniform. He didn't actually wear it to the banquet, but boy he should have, eh?! It's niiiiiice. But the banquet was awesome! Great food, great speakers, great company, great night.

2) After HOURS of grueling internet stalking, we went on our house hunting trip to Cold Lake!

We arrived with 34 houses on our "short list" to see, our realtor crossed off numerous houses because they had sold or had pending offers, and because a couple weren't worth looking at. I think we ended up looking at maybe 16 houses? I don't even remember. Two days, 16 houses, and the last one we arrived at was...
Trent - "It's perfect, we'll take it." He ran around the backyard for 10 min before he even came inside. Where he announced again, "It's perfect, we'll take it." I wasn't quite as sold as he was initially. I mean from the outside, heck yeah, but the facelift it needs on the inside... I came around after we made some reno plans and Trenty promised to make it as beautiful inside as out. I love it.
But how do you say no to this place??
So we didn't!

As of tonight, we are officially homeowners! It was a crazy last minute run around. Trent may have had words with our mortgage broker and our realtor was a little stressed and sliding in our final info at the last minute. But by 9pm (the deadline) we were homeowners!! SO EXCITING!!!

Ta da!

And now...

Trenty goes off to war :(
Ok, boot camp.
For 2 months.
Psychologically, I was prepared for this moment.
Emotionally, I was not.
My head knew he was leaving.
My heart only just realized it.
And broke.
*deep breath*
Let the countdown begin.

Let the summer begin! Already, I want to quit my job and just do what I want. Oh well, there'll be plenty of time for fun and games.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little forward, no?

So I got into an elevator today and once in, realized it was going up not down. I look at the only other person in the elevator, a middle aged asian man, and say, "I'll follow you up and then go back down." To which he responds, "Wanna hold hands?" as he holds his hand out to me. WHAT?! I'm sure I  made a face, but I try to just smile, and laugh and say, "Well that might be hard to explain to my husband... 'You held a strangers hand in an elevator?!'" Luckily the elevator doors then open and the asian man laughs and walks onto the 4th floor. As I head back down to the lobby, all I can think is, "Did he really hold his hand out?" AHAHAHAHAHA uhhh thanks stranger?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today's Random Thoughts

Sometimes I wish I was pregnant so I had an excuse for my ponch.

I need to buy a hula hoop.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My new thing

I want a bow. Not a pretty pink one you tie in your hair. No. Be serious. One you shoot an arrow with!

Trent has a wicked bow and has been busting it out practicing a  bunch lately and I've been remembering how much I used to LOVE archery in my YW's days. And ever since a couple weeks ago when I made a comment to Trent's mom about how I'd love to have my own bow to shoot (while we were watching Trent shoot his), I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head.

Here comes my embarrassing story of the week, though. Trent and I went out yesterday, just to run errands and check stuff out here and there and we ended up in a hunting/fishing/outdoorsy store. We needed more 22 bullets because I love shooting the 22 and tend to go through a lot when we go out... Well you can see where this is going, we wandered over to the bow counter to check things out. Trent asks if they have anything that would fit me and what do they pull down? A little pink bow. Call me crazy, but I kind of don't like when people hand me pink things just because I'm a girl, maybe especially hunting stuff. Maybe because I've never been a pink girl, maybe if it was purple or any other colour, I wouldn't sniff at it. But like previously stated, I don't want a pretty pink bow. Anyways, they pull the pink one and a much cooler, more hardcore, and let's be honest {better} bow down. They tell us all about them and then give me the good bow to try pulling to see if I can. I can't. I'm sure it looked like I wasn't even trying. It's like doing a crunch/sit-up, you crunch until you hit that point when no matter how long you sit in that position, you're not going any further. Well I pulled with all my might, and that string just stopped and wasn't going anywhere. I vaguely remember the boys across the counter and Trent saying things to coach me on how to pull and that I might have to really push/pull hard to get it. Thanks team, it's still not happening. So they unwind the weight as much as they can so I can pull it. Except I still can't. That's awkward. I'm pretty sure this bow is as beginner as you can get. But wait, there's the pink bow. It goes down in weight a little more than the cool bow. Go figure. Luckily lil pink is a lefty so they have to grab it's brother - the exact same, but camo and righty. They crank him down and hand him over. Oh hallelujah, I can pull it! That would have actually been embarrassing. The boys tell me we can get this righty one in pink, too if I'd like. I wouldn't like.

Good news is we can buy a bow that I can pull and it doesn't have to be pink. The bad news is the weight I'm at right now is 10lbs below hunting regulation so I couldn't actually go out and hunt with Trent if I wanted.

Good news is we don't even have to buy a new bow for me. Because the bad news is I can use the bow Trent got when he was 12. Awkward.

Good news is, the boys at the counter say I should be up to 40lbs (regulation, and strong enough to get the super cool, good bow) within a month or two of solid practice at 30lbs. Bad news is we don't know if Trent's little bow will actually go that low.

Robbie and Bailey picked it up for us this weekend in Raymond and are bringing it back, so fingers crossed that I can use it! If not, I'm officially remotivated to hit the gym again. It's been too long a stint away. I really want a bow! Even after my humiliating efforts at the store, it just made me more excited to get Trent's! Once they got it to a weight I could pull... I love that feeling. I forgot about that feeling. I want a bow!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Does anyone else have nightmares?? Because I have nightmares. And I don't just mean *bad dreams*, I'm talking *so real, so scary, still scared when you wake up, shaking, make you wanna cry* nightmares. And I think as an adult, I'm actually capable of having more terrifying dreams than children, because they're realistic(ish).

When Trent and I were first married, we watched a lot of Criminal Minds at night. I had a LOT of nightmares. Like Trent knew we'd have to cuddle and talk for at least 30 min before sleeping if we watched it before bed. And even then, I still usually had nightmares. I'm now terrified of handicapped people, thanks to that show. I had to stop watching Criminal Minds. I'm not a paranoid person, it didn't ruin my daytime life, but waking up shaking and sweating and so scared, was not my idea of a good night sleep.

Trent thinks it's crazy that I have nightmares as an adult. Quite frankly, so do I. I don't think I had this many nightmares as a kid. Only two recurring ones I can think of. Yet, nightmares I have.

So preamble over, I've had a couple this week.

First nightmare: I woke up in the night and went to the bathroom, and coming back to bed saw a man at the spare bedroom window. I hurried to Trent, in bed, and told him someone was trying to break in. He told me no and not to worry. Then we heard something, and I'm a little more adamant that it's a man trying to break in!  Trent flips into protective mode and tells me to hide under the covers while he goes to check it out. I hear noises and scrapping as two men are arguing and fighting with Trent. Then Trent gets drug into the room and I hear one of the men angrily talking about Trent owing him $500 000. Trent says he doesn't have anywhere near that amount of money and the man says, well we'll just have to take your wife as collateral than. My heart stops. Can they tell I'm in the bed? I'm half shoved down the side of the bed against the wall with Trent's blankets scrunched up like he had pushed them there when he got out of bed. My blanket is scrunched up itself in my own spot, hopefully making them think I also got out of bed. I stop breathing. They can't take me. I'm terrified. Trent yells and fights them more. And then I hear a shot. A body hits the floor. I hear the man tell the other man to find me. Trent is dead?! I want to scream. I can't move. I have to get away. Can they see that I'm hiding here? I think I can hear where they are in the room and think I can get to the bedroom door if they're caught by surprise. But will they be surprised? I shove the blankets off and spring off the bed in one effort. I evade a grabbing arm, and the two men start yelling. Only in my peripheral vision, I see a flash of an image of Trent crumpled on the floor. I choke. I keep running.

I make it outside and start looking for somewhere to go for help. I see dim lights in a building and a security guard of some sort walking inside. I can hear a man behind me, but I don't look. I head for the building screaming and yelling and trying to get the guards attention. The guard sees me and opens the door and I run past, shoving the door shut and telling her to lock it. The man hits the door, yelling and swearing and trying to get in. The guard is startled and scared, but I grab her and tell her we have to get away, does she have a car out back? Yes. Good. We have to get out of here. The guard isn't a very old girl - woman? But we scramble out back and get in her car and take off. The rest of the dream is a terrifying pursuit. A terrifying whirlwind of driving and crashing and swimming and running and barely getting away, and not being able to kill the bad guy, even when I try.

I eventually wake up from this, terrified. I look over and see Trent laying there, sleeping, not dead. I want to wake him up. I want to cry. I sigh instead. I hate nightmares. Hate them.

And just so I don't ruin your day entirely with this horror show...
Second Nightmare: I don't remember exactly what I did, but I think I was wearing a retainer to straighten my teeth a little, but when I took it out, my front teeth were all loose. I don't mean a little loose, like braces loose. I mean piano keys loose. I start freaking out, I can't lose my teeth. I push them back into position and try to put the retainer back on, but it doesn't fit. I have to take it off to reposition my teeth, but taking it off only makes it worse. My sister Michelle is with me, trying to calm me down and help, but I'm a mess of freaking out. Then, as I'm trying to move and position them, my lateral incisor comes out. OUT! I'm freaking out. The root is all bent goofy, I don't even know how it came out. It shouldn't have been able to fall out like that. I try to shove it back in, but it won't go. I wake up. I bite my teeth together and everything feels solid. Hallelujah!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Moments I love about my job

That moment when I spend an hour talking quantum physics and 90's cartoons with a 17 year old boy with a voice as deep as a 40 year old, and get a thumbs up and "That was fun!" in the end.

That moment when I get to reminisce and discuss highschool rugby with a 26 year old patient that gets it.

That moment when I see a patient that only comes to the dentist every 4 years, and while working he tells me it feels so good and he loves coming to this office - than why do you only come every 4 years? Oh the irony.

That moment when my patient tells me she couldn't brush her teeth for a year because she was pregnant.

That moment when my patient tries to show me all of his tattoos.

That moment when my patient hasn't had x-rays in 2 years because they're so harmful, but I convince him it really would be a good idea to check things now, only to find a MASSIVE cavity that wouldn't have been found without the x-ray. Boom.

That moment when my patient tells me he only brushes the outside of his teeth because he figures his tongue cleans the inside.

That moment when my patient has the starts of ten cavities in between her teeth and she realizes she should probably start flossing.

That moment when my patient tells me she swishes with water after she eats to clean her teeth so she doesn't have to brush.

That moment when my patient tells me her tooth was broken and hurting so she took a few advil and pulled it out with pliers.

That moment when my patient says he uses toothpicks instead of floss.

That moment when my 4 year old patient throws up trying to take the first x-ray, takes a minute, then carries on like a champ, gets his x-rays done and lets me clean and check his teeth without a single complaint.

That moment when my patient tells me I'm a real head-turner.

That moment when my patient says they'll only come back if I'm the one doing their cleaning.

That moment when this can all happen in one week.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

If I had a million dollars

It must be spring because for the past couple weeks I have been dying to throw out all my clothes and get new ones. Piece by piece, day by day, I keep adding an old hoodie, a t-shirt I never wear, a skirt I think I love but never put on, to a pile in my closet. It will all be gone soon. I might even go through my shoes. Maybe.

Also, there are SO many things I want to spend money on right now! I can't escape the list of things in my head that I want to buy:

- A new swimsuit. Or two. Or maybe three. I have found so many great swimsuits. I love love love swimsuits. They're fun and remind me of summer and I love the hot sun, water combo. I have a couple that need throwing out (not just because I'm bored, I've actually worn them thread bare), so obviously I need to replace them. I'm currently just trying to justify how expensive some of my favourites I've found are. *sigh*

- Clothes, clothes, clothes. From Moddest is hottest specifically today. I visited her facebook page and I just want to drop major dollars at her place. Shirts, skirts, dresses, belts... I'm so bored of my clothes, and I know I don't wear half of it. I can't decide whether it's because it was a warm winter so I didn't even touch my sweaters and long sleeves, or if I legitimately just need to chuck most of them. But we just got posted in COLD Lake, so I should probably hold on to warm things... right? I might not anyways.

- An apron. This might sound like I'm stretching for things to list, but no seriously. Maybe you'll understand better if you visit . I specifically am eyeing sugar n' spice and very cherry, but their country/vintage-inspired ones are all awesome, too. I love to bake. And baking involves flour. And me with flour... we're tight. And by tight, I mean we're all over each other. It's inevitable. I love to bake. Therefore I need an apron. What good baker - and housewife - doesn't have an apron, right? And I have a code to get 30% off until Easter! Obviously I must get one.

- Books for my kindle. So many good books. I already caved and bought a skin for my kindle. Necessary? No. I already have a good case for it, but this will make it colourful and pretty when I open it to read... and it will protect it from getting scratched... yeah...

- itunes. With springtime, also comes my need for new music. I'm bored of my music and need a serious re-vamp. If Colton and Phil on American Idol put out CD's today, I'd buy them. And maybe Heejun too, depending on what he did. I want to buy some of their AI stuff already. But overall, I just need new music. Any good new music will do. And by new, I mean new to me. I've never been a guru - I know there's tons out there I need to hear.

So much splurging I'd like to do. Speaking of splurging, that's another store I wouldn't mind visiting... Why this is all hitting me at once? Who knows. Trent and I definitely aren't going to stay on our get out of debt fast track if I give in to my list... I'll have to pace myself... but which to start with?! How do you choose?? I want it all. And waiting on military info has taken all my patience, I have none left. I want to be frivolous. I even peer-pressured Trent (as he calls it) into buying a new suit a couple days ago. He only has a dark brown and a light tan suit - I mean really. The boy needed a good dark suit. Besides, he's graduating, he needs to look GOOD. And he will in this suit. It's beautiful. He looks great in it. It's a dark navy that you might think was black unless beside a black, with subtle green and blue pinstriping perfect for Trent's eyes. Put the right blue or green shirt with it and BAM - beauty. I love it. Possibly more than Trent does. But let's be serious, that boy never buys clothes - so it's my responsibility to keep him looking good. I mean, he's going to be a dentist next month. NEXT MONTH. Whoa. So excited. Maybe that's why I want to spend all of our money - because I know in a month we'll actually be making real money. Now THAT will feel good. Even if it is all slotted to get rid of debt. I can do a LITTLE celebrating with it first... right?

Friday, March 16, 2012

"You're going where??"

Cold Lake was first recorded on a map in 1790, by the name of Coldwater Lake.

The town of Cold Lake became a city in 2000.

Population 13,924.

82% of that population is Christian.

The Conservative party always wins majority provincially and nationally.

294km northeast of Edmonton. 170km north of Lloydminster.

The city's economy is inextricably linked to military spending at CFB Cold Lake. Every year Cold Lake hosts military forces from around the world for Exercise Maple Flag, a training exercise where pilots and support staff of NATO allies can take advantage of the Air Weapons Range and relatively open rural air space.

Kinosoo Beach is a favorite destination during the hot summer months between June and August.

Temperatures average 23 degrees in the summer and -21 in the winter.

"Truly the retail hub of the Lakeland, you'll find what you're looking for in Cold Lake. Whether you're hunting for a deal in our box stores, prefer to get your shopping done under one roof at the Tri-City Mall or visiting our one of a kind shops and boutiques downtown and around the lakeshore, our business community is a diverse one."

Sounds exciting, right? It better. It's where I'm going to be spending the next 3 years of my life. Adventures await! Pending that Trent passes his psych evaluation to make sure he'll be able to handle a posting to a semi-remote base... Why don't they think it's important to psych eval the wife? I feel like I'm the one that's going to feel semi-remote... Hopefully I'll have more information soon!

Hola Grandpa!

I want a Spanish grandpa. I had an elderly patient the other day, but not just any old patient. This patient is from El Salvador and awesome.

From the second I called his name in the waiting room, he gave me a big crinkly eyed smile and I loved him. I started with my usual, "Hi, my name is Cathy, I did your cleaning in September, if you remember me?" He looks at me and says, "Cad-ty, of course I remember you. You are - unforgettable." Loves him.

He's been here since the 70's, but his English is still not so good. He has to remind me to speak slowly so he knows what I'm saying. So we spent the appointment laughing and talking. I shared my minimal spanish and he said it was muy bien. At the end of the appointment he said something in Spanish, when I asked him what that meant, he said, "Your hands are like silk. They are beautiful at their job." "Muchos gracias!" "Ahhh! De nada, de nada!" Loves him.

Spanish men are known to be full of flattery. I love it. I want him to be my grandpa. There's something to be said for being positive. He was such a happy man. I love him. He's probably one of the only patients I am genuinely sad I will not be seeing in six months. I have a lot of great patients, don't get me wrong, but this man is a gem.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dinner Date

As a little pre-Valentine's Day date, and because we had to wait a month for a weekend reservation, the Wests and Trent and I went out to Saboroso's.

Please note how Bailey and I semi-dressed up, and our men wore baseball caps. Trent put on a collard shirt - which only ever happens on Sunday - and then felt over-dressed, so he grabbed his comfort blanket, I mean hat. At least he's too handsome either way to hold it against him.

We splurged and paid for the jumbo prawns. And I mean JUMBO:

It was a night of seriously delicious food. I made my mouth raw with their brown sugar grilled pineapple. I can't get enough of that stuff. And steak... mmm... steak. The salsa you see Trent enjoying there was one of the yummiest things I've eaten in a long time. It looks like there's tomato in the salsa, but it's strawberries! And pineapple, and cilantro... and who knows what else but it was magnificent.

I love date night. Good friends, good food, good times. It should happen more often.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I know most of whoever you are that read my blog probably already saw my fb status about counting down. But I haven't blogged in a while and my counting down is really all I've been up to lately. Sad. I know.

But there's just so much I'm counting down for!

1. I leave for Hawaii in T-2 days! I'm so excited to meet up with Amy and go on Hawaiian adventures. I'm going for a week - Trent's reading week - so that he can just live at the school and study his butt off, guilt free. He won't have to worry about neglecting me, or be tempted to come home and see me. Just study. Which, between you and I, he really needs to do. So far he's barely gotten any studying done. He has gotten through 5 seasons of Smallville though. Which we are watching this very moment. But I digress... the point is I'm going to Hawaii in 2 days!!! Then you can expect some actual blog posts.

2. Trent writes his boards March 3 & 4. Two day exam. 6 hours a day. It's kind of a big deal. It's the biggest test of our lives. And I can't wait for it to be over. Ha, and I'm sure Trent can't wait either.

3. Finding out where we'll be posted for the next 3 years with the military. I wish I had a date or a timeline or a T- for this one. But nope. Military is government and you know how vague they like to be... therefore we've been told anywhere between February and June. Thanks for narrowing it down to only half the year Military. Trent did have a meeting a couple weeks ago, where he gleaned from other officers that the woman in charge of our posting is notoriously slow for getting them done. Awesome. So now we just keep telling ourselves not to expect to hear anything until April at the earliest. But reality is we really don't know. WHICH IS KILLING ME! I'm a planner. I want to plan. I want to google wherever we're going and start exploring. I want to figure out how far a drive it is to home - or flight... Find out what time all the wards meet so we can make sure we never have to meet at 1pm ever again. You know, just feel like you know what direction your life is heading? Oh phooey. All we can do is wait. We do get to go on a week house hunting trip once we know our placement. I'm waiting for that, too.

4. Summer. I know we're having an awesome winter and I'm the last to complain. But I just like Saskatoon so much more in the summer. On the other hand I'm kind of counting down with sad anticipation because Trent will be heading back for 8 more weeks of basic training in Quebec for the summer. Bleh. And he'll have 3 or 4 more weeks after that of dental officer training. Super. Then we'll finally actually be moving to our placement.

I suppose that's the jist of my counting down. Just so many exciting things ahead of us! I'm trying to enjoy every day, but let's be serious - I cannot wait for Hawaii! Now I just need to get better from this ridiculous sore throat, cough, and cold so that taking off and landing in all those air planes doesn't make my sinuses feel like they're going to explode. Trust me, I've flown stuffed up before. I bawled at take off. It literally felt like my sinuses were going to explode. So painful. I'm a little nervous to go through that again. So wish me well soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bosch Baking

I got a Bosch from my parents for Christmas/late wedding present. I love love love it so much. I've been making cookies by hand - like literally using my bare hands to mix the dough. And don't get me started on kneading dough "for 5-8 minutes" as most recipes call for. So today was the day I busted it out to have some fun.

Of course the inaugural recipe had to be my grandma's bun recipe.

But instead of making buns, I made bread first.

My bread pans are bigger than regular ones,
so it was hard to judge how much dough
and it came out kind of a monster...
That I didn't get quite smooth enough.

But the second one came out beautiful.

With the remaining dough, I decided to try a recipe I found on Pinterest. Gotta love pinterest.
Monkey Bread Muffins.

Behold the glory -

Three beautiful pull apart cinnamon pieces with sweet and condensed milk. mmmmmm

Let's just say, today was a good day. And I got all of the other things (like 6 things) on my to do list done, too! I love productivity.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saga 2

The Furniture Saga:
- In Leth, we decide to buy a new sectional
- Because we desperately need new furniture
- We found one that is SO comfy
- While at the Brick, we also decide to impulse buy a wonderful massage chair
- The lady, Carol, tells us that if we order tonight, the chair will be in by Thursday morning
- Perfect. Then we can enjoy the chair over Christmas AND avoid PST
- Kanzi and I borrow their dad's truck and drive in Thursday afternoon to pick up the chair
- Chair's not there
- Carol sees us and says oh no, I wasn't sure if I told you Thurs or Fri, I told you Thurs, but a truck isn't even coming in today, it won't be here until tomorrow, I was going to call you...
- You should have called me
- You also told us repeatedly that it would be in by Thurs
- Not happy
- Carol gives us $50 off for our inconvenience
- Friday morning, just as I'm about to call her, Carol calls me
- Chair came in
- Damaged
- Super
- Carol pays for PST to send it to Sask with our sectional, all to be there by the 3rd
- Kanzi's husband Colt gets a special deal with the Brick through work and goes in to see if she can get the sectional for less.
- She can
- So she orders one for us to Saskatoon to be there by the 3rd
- We'll just cancel our sectional order
- We get back from Arizona and Trent goes to pick up everything the next day, the 3rd
- Guy at the Brick can't find Kanzi's order, and our order won't be in until the 5th
- He tries to convince Trent that that's when they were ordered for
- No. It's not.
- Then guy admits that our order was only just put in on Monday, the day before
- Well that's just retarded
- They had 2 weeks
- Oh and the massage chair is delayed and they don't know when one will come in
- Tentatively, maybe, hopefully by the 16th
- This impulse buy is not working out
- Kanzi calls and talks to Leth Brick to find her order
- She has a difficult conversation with the lady until they finally figure it out
- Our sectional is, in fact, already in - at United Furniture Warehouse
- Was no one going to tell us that's where it was getting shipped, or why, or when?
- Looks like no
- Kanzi gets us $100 more off the sectional for all this inconvenience
- And by the way the chair should be there by the 5th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- I call UFW to double check
- Couch there
- Chair won't be until tentatively, maybe, hopefully the 18th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- We pick up sectional
- Takes a while for them to find it in the warehouse, but we finally get it loaded
- 2 truck loads
- Thank goodness Robbie brought his truck too
- Sectional is as awesome as I remember
- But our living room is packed with it
- It's worth it
- Yesterday we stop by the Brick to cancel the other sectional (that should have arrived by now)
- Lady says it's already been cancelled
- Seriously?
- Not by us
- That's weird
- What about the chair?
- It will be here by next Tuesday - the 10th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- Poor lady has to straighten out everything for our warranty and refunding our down payment on the sectional plus the money off the chair for all this inconvenience
- She also struggles to find our second order for the sectional
- Finally, we think we have things straightened out and as they should be
- Will our chair be here on Tuesday?


And not genesis.

Saga 1: The Camera Saga
- September, I lose my camera
- I go 3 painful months without it
- My wonderful husband surprises me with a camera for our anniversary in November
- I bring my new camera home for Christmas and take great pics at a party on my first night home
- I go to take pics the next night and they all come out way too dark
- No matter what I do, my new camera won't take great pics anymore
- Sadly I borrow a camera from Trent's dad for the rest of Christmas holidays
- Upon returning to Saskatoon, Trent tries to find the receipt for the camera and can't
- We try to plan and scheme and decide what we can do to replace/exchange my camera
- In the end, I decide to just go to Future Shop and tell them the truth and see what happens
- If only that were the end
- I'll try to make the actual end come quick
- Initially it looked like it might be quick
- Return guy acts like it's okay that I don't have the receipt and one of the camera guys will just check out the camera to make sure it's really not working before they exchange/return it
- Then THREE camera guys come over and each has to inspect and try the camera to make sure it really isn't working
- Then I have to go over to the camera section with one of the three and stand there for 20 minutes while he exhausts the camera's options - really, camera guy, it's broken.
- At one point he shows me the latest pic he took and says, "A little better, right?" No, camera guy. No it's not better. I should be able to turn my camera on and take a great pic, not an okay pic, and def not a "little better" pic after having to play with a hundred settings.
- Finally, after more playing and comparing with the display model. The three camera guys decide the camera really is defective and send me back to the return desk.
- New return guy proceeds to try to find Trent's transaction in the system from every angle possible
- No phone number works
- Names don't work
- Trent paid by cash so can't track debit or visa
- Conclude that Trent didn't get the extended care coverage (which would allow them to send the camera in to get fixed for me)
- I ask him what that means, is there nothing that can be done
- He decides that he can search manually through the system for the transaction if I knew exactly what day it was bought
- I do
- He's surprised
- So he starts looking
- Finally he says, "I think I found your receipt, I hope I found your receipt, because if it's not, I could get in a lot of trouble."
- And after all that - here's the real Christmas miracle - only because my camera was purchased before Christmas, is it allowed to be returned/exchanged after the regular 30 days - because all pre-Christmas purchases are given until Jan 8th to be returned/exchanged.
- but they don't have any more of my camera model in stock right now
- so I get a gift card for the cost of my camera
- Now I know you're probably bored out of your mind - I was until the last 4 points happened
- But there's a punch line
- I go find Trent in the store (who had stayed in the truck until I was in there forever)
- He tells me he got bored just sitting in the truck so he decided to clean it out
- He pulls my lost camera out of his pocket
- Oh the irony