Friday, January 13, 2012

Bosch Baking

I got a Bosch from my parents for Christmas/late wedding present. I love love love it so much. I've been making cookies by hand - like literally using my bare hands to mix the dough. And don't get me started on kneading dough "for 5-8 minutes" as most recipes call for. So today was the day I busted it out to have some fun.

Of course the inaugural recipe had to be my grandma's bun recipe.

But instead of making buns, I made bread first.

My bread pans are bigger than regular ones,
so it was hard to judge how much dough
and it came out kind of a monster...
That I didn't get quite smooth enough.

But the second one came out beautiful.

With the remaining dough, I decided to try a recipe I found on Pinterest. Gotta love pinterest.
Monkey Bread Muffins.

Behold the glory -

Three beautiful pull apart cinnamon pieces with sweet and condensed milk. mmmmmm

Let's just say, today was a good day. And I got all of the other things (like 6 things) on my to do list done, too! I love productivity.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saga 2

The Furniture Saga:
- In Leth, we decide to buy a new sectional
- Because we desperately need new furniture
- We found one that is SO comfy
- While at the Brick, we also decide to impulse buy a wonderful massage chair
- The lady, Carol, tells us that if we order tonight, the chair will be in by Thursday morning
- Perfect. Then we can enjoy the chair over Christmas AND avoid PST
- Kanzi and I borrow their dad's truck and drive in Thursday afternoon to pick up the chair
- Chair's not there
- Carol sees us and says oh no, I wasn't sure if I told you Thurs or Fri, I told you Thurs, but a truck isn't even coming in today, it won't be here until tomorrow, I was going to call you...
- You should have called me
- You also told us repeatedly that it would be in by Thurs
- Not happy
- Carol gives us $50 off for our inconvenience
- Friday morning, just as I'm about to call her, Carol calls me
- Chair came in
- Damaged
- Super
- Carol pays for PST to send it to Sask with our sectional, all to be there by the 3rd
- Kanzi's husband Colt gets a special deal with the Brick through work and goes in to see if she can get the sectional for less.
- She can
- So she orders one for us to Saskatoon to be there by the 3rd
- We'll just cancel our sectional order
- We get back from Arizona and Trent goes to pick up everything the next day, the 3rd
- Guy at the Brick can't find Kanzi's order, and our order won't be in until the 5th
- He tries to convince Trent that that's when they were ordered for
- No. It's not.
- Then guy admits that our order was only just put in on Monday, the day before
- Well that's just retarded
- They had 2 weeks
- Oh and the massage chair is delayed and they don't know when one will come in
- Tentatively, maybe, hopefully by the 16th
- This impulse buy is not working out
- Kanzi calls and talks to Leth Brick to find her order
- She has a difficult conversation with the lady until they finally figure it out
- Our sectional is, in fact, already in - at United Furniture Warehouse
- Was no one going to tell us that's where it was getting shipped, or why, or when?
- Looks like no
- Kanzi gets us $100 more off the sectional for all this inconvenience
- And by the way the chair should be there by the 5th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- I call UFW to double check
- Couch there
- Chair won't be until tentatively, maybe, hopefully the 18th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- We pick up sectional
- Takes a while for them to find it in the warehouse, but we finally get it loaded
- 2 truck loads
- Thank goodness Robbie brought his truck too
- Sectional is as awesome as I remember
- But our living room is packed with it
- It's worth it
- Yesterday we stop by the Brick to cancel the other sectional (that should have arrived by now)
- Lady says it's already been cancelled
- Seriously?
- Not by us
- That's weird
- What about the chair?
- It will be here by next Tuesday - the 10th
- Weird, we were told otherwise
- Poor lady has to straighten out everything for our warranty and refunding our down payment on the sectional plus the money off the chair for all this inconvenience
- She also struggles to find our second order for the sectional
- Finally, we think we have things straightened out and as they should be
- Will our chair be here on Tuesday?


And not genesis.

Saga 1: The Camera Saga
- September, I lose my camera
- I go 3 painful months without it
- My wonderful husband surprises me with a camera for our anniversary in November
- I bring my new camera home for Christmas and take great pics at a party on my first night home
- I go to take pics the next night and they all come out way too dark
- No matter what I do, my new camera won't take great pics anymore
- Sadly I borrow a camera from Trent's dad for the rest of Christmas holidays
- Upon returning to Saskatoon, Trent tries to find the receipt for the camera and can't
- We try to plan and scheme and decide what we can do to replace/exchange my camera
- In the end, I decide to just go to Future Shop and tell them the truth and see what happens
- If only that were the end
- I'll try to make the actual end come quick
- Initially it looked like it might be quick
- Return guy acts like it's okay that I don't have the receipt and one of the camera guys will just check out the camera to make sure it's really not working before they exchange/return it
- Then THREE camera guys come over and each has to inspect and try the camera to make sure it really isn't working
- Then I have to go over to the camera section with one of the three and stand there for 20 minutes while he exhausts the camera's options - really, camera guy, it's broken.
- At one point he shows me the latest pic he took and says, "A little better, right?" No, camera guy. No it's not better. I should be able to turn my camera on and take a great pic, not an okay pic, and def not a "little better" pic after having to play with a hundred settings.
- Finally, after more playing and comparing with the display model. The three camera guys decide the camera really is defective and send me back to the return desk.
- New return guy proceeds to try to find Trent's transaction in the system from every angle possible
- No phone number works
- Names don't work
- Trent paid by cash so can't track debit or visa
- Conclude that Trent didn't get the extended care coverage (which would allow them to send the camera in to get fixed for me)
- I ask him what that means, is there nothing that can be done
- He decides that he can search manually through the system for the transaction if I knew exactly what day it was bought
- I do
- He's surprised
- So he starts looking
- Finally he says, "I think I found your receipt, I hope I found your receipt, because if it's not, I could get in a lot of trouble."
- And after all that - here's the real Christmas miracle - only because my camera was purchased before Christmas, is it allowed to be returned/exchanged after the regular 30 days - because all pre-Christmas purchases are given until Jan 8th to be returned/exchanged.
- but they don't have any more of my camera model in stock right now
- so I get a gift card for the cost of my camera
- Now I know you're probably bored out of your mind - I was until the last 4 points happened
- But there's a punch line
- I go find Trent in the store (who had stayed in the truck until I was in there forever)
- He tells me he got bored just sitting in the truck so he decided to clean it out
- He pulls my lost camera out of his pocket
- Oh the irony