Monday, August 29, 2011

The big four O

I made my office clear my schedule for today so I could take out resumes. So take out resumes I did. And when I do something, I go big or go home. So I emptied my printer's ink cartridge and exhausted my stapler, and started ticking offices off the list. I hope my phone's data use really is unlimited because I lived on my map app all day. As a side note, I seriously don't know how people functioned before the internet. and cell phones. and smart phones. and map apps. Thank you google for revolutionizing life as we know it.

1/3 of a tank in gas, 3 dollars in parking meter change, 6 hours and 40 resumes later, I called it a day. Partially because my jaw was sore from smiling so much, partially because it was 27 degrees and I was melting and wishing I was at the beach, partially because the only offices left to apply at were the farthest away and in the most ghetto areas of town, but mostly because I ran out of resumes and it was after 4 - so most offices were closing or close to. And I was tired.

Let's be serious, I was tired. Today I was a missionary. Nothing but door to door pounding, with a smile on my face while I introduced myself, handed over my resume, and graciously accepted rejection after rejection. No one is looking for a hygienist right now. I hit 40 offices, and not a single one seemed hopeful. Oh they'll hang on to my resume, they say, but they're not looking for anyone right now. Well keep me in mind if anything comes up, I say, I'll be around. You can count on it at this rate.

On a plus side, I got to see a lot of the city today. I feel much more well-rounded as a Saskatooner. Awesome. There's only 10 offices left on my list; my list that has every dental office in Saskatoon on it, organized in geographical groupings for easy and systematic delivery. So perhaps if I don't hear anything back by October 14 (That's D-Day), then maybe I'll really round off my Saskatoon experience and head to the Northwest. Maybe. Trent and I drove through that side of town the other day to get out of town to this sweet beach... and let's just say I might employ the buddy system to take those last 10 resumes out.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Do

Did I just use my blog to write my to do list? Why yes, yes I did...

1) Get a new gym membership. Unfortunately that means I also have to research gym prices vs. what they offer. Currently World Gym or U of S gym is winning. Pro World Gym: hot yoga included. Pro UofS Gym: climbing wall access. Con of both: $40 and $45 per month. Which brings me to option 3: the $10/month gym. All you really need is a treadmill and weights right? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?! This is my future we're talking about.

2) Get lawn chairs. Which means I must also research where, how much, which is best. Trent and I really need something to sit on and enjoy our balcony with, and patio furniture would be a silly purchase for how small the balcony is and how short we will be here and in a season to use it. However lawn chairs are always useful for parades, picnics, camping, family reunions, etc. But who knew there were so many shapes and sizes and styles of lawn chairs? Hence why it's still a to do and not a done.

3) Buy Visalus. It will help with the renewal of my commitment to getting in wicked good shape. You'll see, I'll be hot. One of my biggest issues currently is eating enough and the right stuff for breakfast to have enough energy to make it 4.5 hours to lunch at work. Because let's be serious, I'm not waking up an hour sooner to cook and eat a full course breakfast every morning. 5:45am is as early as I open my eyes. This issue is currently abated by a bagel and cream cheese every morning, however that seems to me to be a lot of carbs and fat and not a lot of nutrition. So though it may be fairly successful in getting me through the morning, I feel like it is not doing my health any favours. Eat oatmeal you say? (That's what Trent says) Unfortunately and weirdly enough, it doesn't seem to last for me. Thus, I am turning to Visalus to see if it might do the trick. I'd love to explain, but I'm a novice myself so for more info click here. All I can say is I like what I read, so here's to hoping.

Well these are my major to do's. Other than laundry. Which I just remembered I was going to do tonight because all my scrubs are dirty. I've even worn the ugly ones. So on that note, I have a couple of loonies I need to drop into a machine.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Indian Givers and Bruises

Continued as promised.

We're home, and I'm right back into the swing of things, right back to work. Back to that glorious job I got at such an opportune time in such an opportune way and seemed so serendipitous and perfect. While at work that first day, I decided to flip through the schedule in between patients. In flipping I realized a couple things:

1) When I told the hygiene coordinator that I would rather start Friday at 7am, same as every day, rather than 8am, she proceeded to simply add another patient to my day. So I am now working 9 hour days, 5 days a week. Seriously?

2) So I started clicking week by week on Fridays, just to see when I might be able to intervene and get the 3pm pt taken off without having to reschedule anyone. Which is when I realized that Oct 14 is the last Friday I work. Ever. Oh that makes sense though because the hygienist on mat leave comes back the next Monday so the girl filling in for her will be done, so why not take over my Fridays so I don't have to work overtime every week. This girl didn't want to be working full time in the first place, but had agreed to take over the full-time mat leave for a year. Makes sense that she'd pick up the couple days available once the mat leave is over. Makes sense.

I carry on working and in between patients next, my boss happens to be around while I'm on the computer so I say hey I have a question for you and she looks at me and all of a sudden is like oh yeah hey I need to talk to you, too. Ok. I turn to the comp and explain how I had just been flipping through the schedule when I noticed that Fridays got taken over? Yeah... That's what I want to talk to you about. Come to my office. Ok.

In her office she proceeds to explain , no explain is the wrong word, explain makes it sound like it makes sense. She proceeds to tell me that while I was on vacation the mat leave hygienist came to her and told her that she would like to keep working full time. Well my boss had no idea she'd even be interested in working full time since she wasn't last time she checked, but hey if she wants full time, then she can just take over my job when mom hygienist returns. What a great idea boss! At least, that's what she said. Nothing personal, she says, mat leave has just been here longer so she has priority. No problem. There might be Mondays and Wednesdays available for me. Maybe. She'll let me know whether or not she wants to give me those days by the end of August. Really? Thanks... There may have been a moment when I said, Ok just making sure what you're saying is come mid August I'll either have Mondays and Wednesdays or no job? Yes. So I should start looking for another job. Yes. Thanks...

I really don't like Indian Givers.

That's all I can say on this matter or I'll lose all professionalism entirely.

And it just keeps getting better... what about the loonie sized bruises, you ask? Well last weekend Trent and I went paintballing with a bunch of people. Enough said? Well I'll go on anyways. It was my first time paintballing. I mean, I've been slingshot paintballing a bunch, but never semi-automatic paintballing. There was only one other girl in our group (from Trent's class) and it was her first time as well, and she kept talking about how nervous she was and how she was probably going to spend the first 30 min hiding and whatnot. So of course I had to show no fear. I couldn't be classified in with this girl. I mean really, hide for the first 30 min? Anyways, game on. It was so much fun. Seriously hot, especially in the overalls and mask, but still so fun. So about the bruises. I don't remember specifically most of the shots, but I keep finding bruises. I do specifically remember a few shots.

Shots to remember:
- Head shot. Right on the noggin. Needless to say, my head's still a little tender to shampoo, and brush, and lay on my left side. Couple advil with that one. Though, Trent too several head shots... so I can't complain about mine too loudly. He's def feeling his.
- Shoulder shot. Serious bruising with that one. Felt that one for a while. It actually blew my skin off. My skin may have already been crumbling as previously noted, but it was still a pretty dramatic looking shot with my skin all blown off around it. Worst part though? It's on my right shoulder. So I can't lay on my right side either.
- Finger shot. No really. Direct hit to my knuckle on my left index finger. At least I only have to hold a mirror with that hand.
And the winner is...
- Hand/wrist shot. Instantaneous searing, throbbing pain. Skin broke, not just blew off, broke. Swelling immediately. Bruising simulatneously. I wanted to cry. But I didn't because I'm the tough girl at paintball. But I wanted to. Don't tell Trent that. At least it was in the final round because I needed ice. And to stop acting tough. Putting gloves on and off a hundred times has not felt good this week. Nor has bending my wrist.

But let's be serious, I love paintballing. And being on Trent's team. At least he's my husband so it seems relatively logical that we'd be on the same team... or else I'd just have to beg because I don't want to play against him haha. I mean... we're a great team. We play well together. We won a lot of the battles. And our team was even 3 vs 4 the whole day. Good day. It's something I could be addicted to. It's that fun.

So it's been a bit of a painful return to my regular life. So bitter sweet. Though speaking of sweet - s'more pierogies are my newest favourite desert. Check this girl's new gourmet pierogies out on facebook at Love At First Bite! or on the website here. Seriously so good. You know I don't blog vouch for things I'm not serious about.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I wish my titles actually showed up

Where did I go?

1) Moved upstairs. And please don't say to yourself, oh you were just moving upstairs. Because let me tell you - as grateful as I am that I didn't have to load and unload a truck, that's where the pro of "just moving upstairs" ends. This building is so humid and hot and two flights of stairs and a hallway, times a million trips, carrying everything you own, is exhausting. I'm grateful Robbie and Bailey and the elders came to move the furniture I couldn't carry. And Bailey's a trooper for cleaning my bathroom top to bottom. I owe her. Glad to be moved, but I'm now glad it wasn't sooner because this apt is smokin hot, and in purely the sense that I won't sweat to death in my own home am I glad the summer heat is closer to an end than if we had moved in June (that being said, I hope we have a long late summer).

2) Immediately upon moving, I pulled stuff back off the shelves and out of the closets and packed my bags for southern alberta. It was a great trip home, packed full of wedding preparing, marathon sewing (props to my moms), painting and laying laminate, camping, bachelorette partying, wedding partying, family visiting, and HUSBAND RETURNING! Wahoo!! My long lost husband has returned and I've never been happier. Kanzi's wedding was beautiful and just throw a vertical strike through my and Trent's wedding day temp and you've got Kanzi's. So jealous. But everything turned out so wonderful. It was kind of perfect to have Trent return the night before and have one of the first things we did together be to return to the temple and witness and relive a sealing. Perfect. The not so perfect side? When I sat down on my chair in the sealing room, I felt a sharp stab in my left leg. No, stab isn't an adjective in this sentence, it's a noun. I was actually stabbed in the leg. By a pin my mother lovingly left there for me to find. (Remember mention of a sewing marathon? Yeah she may have been exhausted and missed getting this one... got it.)

You'll get bored if I even try to go on about all that was done... but I think I just might do it anyway.

Kanzi and Colt just bought a house and are fixing it up. Hence the painting and the laminate flooring. They were long days, but I find something quite rewarding about hard work. I've never laid laminate before but it's super easy and Trent and I make a killer laminating team ha.

I met a ton of Trent's family (again - but who really remembers all the new names and faces from their own wedding?). They're hilarious. And make Trent make so much more sense. Always a good time. And meeting some of Kanzi's friends at her bachelorette party was also a riot - as were my sister-in-laws. Oh bachelorette parties...

Camping in Waterton is always a summer highlight, and quite frankly I just didn't get enough of it and I'm sad. I want to go back. Trent and I did get some time alone to camp in Waterton which was nice. Though Trent may have spent an entire day inside the bus because he burned himself so badly the day before. All he could do was lay flat on his back - which was the least painfully burned part of his body. So what did I do all day? Sat outside reading. One of my favourite summer activities to be honest. But I proceeded to get a little too much sun myself. Not near Trent's level, but it dried me out enough that I now look like a leper from the amount of crumbling that has occurred. SK is actually shockingly more humid than AB and as it turns out, my skin kind of likes humidity and crumbles when it lacks it.

Other highlights include gopher hunting - I'm a sniper and I love sniping gophers. We went and watched Colt in the Cardston ranch rodeo and regular rodeo - I already love having him in the family, I love cowboys and rodeos. Simply being with Trent. Always a highlight. Lowlight - His plane was 45 min late which KILLED me. I was 45 min early just to make sure I was there the second he got off that plane, so after I'd been waiting 25 min and saw his flight suddenly delayed... so sad. I'm sure people around me thought I was a crazy person. I got up and checked the flight boards a million times and probably looked like such a tornado of excited, disappointed, anxious, happy, frustrated, hopeful, distressed, desperate, schitzophrenic, bipolar. Then he texted me that they finally landed. Which proceeded to be a terrible tease because since they were late they no longer had a port to unboard at and had to wait. I seriously contemplated jumping the fence and running to the plane and demanding they let me have him. Ahahaha oh I sound crazy. But I was going crazy. And it was the middle of the night to boot.

Anyways, now I'm home and settling back into my cozy married routine and working. But that's for another post... I'm tired and I've lost your attention, you're only skimming now anyways. Well skim this - Next blog to include: Indian Givers and toonie sized bruises.