Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One year older and wiser, too!

First year of marriage - check.
That's right, we've passed the year mark. CRAZY RIGHT?!
Maybe because Trent and I have known each other - and been "together" - for almost 4 years, this last year has flown by in some ways, yet at the same time, it feels like we've been married forever in other ways. I wouldn't trade my life for anyones.

If the first year is the worst, then we are in for a wonderful life.

One of Trent's cousins and his wife put it best I think: it's not that the first year is terrible, but everything is new and exciting - the highs are higher and the lows are lower. I like that concept. I can see it in my marriage for sure. The whole, first year of marriage is the hardest - I don't buy into it. You can't tell me that your first child doesn't take you right back to square one again - or each kid after that; or that having a teenager doesn't throw a wrench into things; or that any sort of financial, physical, or frustrating trial doesn't stress a marriage. I think there must be a year or two later down the road for most couples that prove harder. I mean, I'm not hoping so, life will be great if this is it. But I'll stick with the rollercoaster theory.

So anniversary... If you know Trent, you know he's not romantic. At all. He claims romantic thinking completely evades him. He's much too logical to be a helpless romantic. What a shame right? Well logic comes in handy most of the time and I love him for it. But knowing this, I knew - and had been warned by every female in his family - that I would have to prompt Trent when I'm hoping for a little romance. So for the past month I've talked to Trent about wanting to do something for our anniversary, and that I wanted him to plan something - anything. I reminded him last Sunday and he said we probably wouldn't celebrate our anniversary this month (hunting season), I don't mind but told him to decide and let me know BEFORE our anniversary weekend WHEN we were going to celebrate. I just wanted a specific time for celebrating.

I have to admit - I was afraid nothing was going to happen. I kept trying to reason with myself so I wouldn't be disappointed. Trent didn't say anything about our anniversary all week so I just went with it.

But our anniversary weekend was wonderful and I don't know if everything that made it wonderful was even part of the plan or not, but it was perfect. Saturday we just hung out, went for sushi for lunch, then a movie in the afternoon, and just hung out the rest of the evening. It was nice to just have a day to ourselves. I was a little bit upset when at 9pm Trent got up and announced he was going to go buy a book. You don't understand. When Trent buys a new book, that's the last I see of him until that book is read. Even while I write this, he's in the bedroom reading. It would ruin our anniversary (the next day) for sure.

When we got home from church, Trent said exasperatedly, "Ok, well you're the hardest person to surprise, so go to your room." What? I sat on our bed until he told me I could come out, and what has my wonderful husband done? The table is covered with a nice blanket (we have no tablecoths), there are candles lit, and a red gift bag with a white envelope that says, "For my darling wife". I could have cried, but instead I couldn't stop smiling. He tried. He really tried.

The fact that the card said beautiful things, and the bag contained a new camera to replace my long lost one, was just icing on the cake. I'm so happy. Thrilled. Maybe other people need big romantic acts, but I just need little ones; maybe because coming from a non-romantic person, a little thing is really quite big.

Trent was exasperated because it was hard for him to secretly buy the camera last week, and when he had slipped out to buy his book, he picked up the card and came home to me saying that sometimes when he goes out I secretly wish he was planning something for us (I'm a jerk, I know); then Sunday he had tried to leave his Priesthood lesson material at home so he'd have an excuse to run home (and set up my surprise), but I noticed he didn't have it and reminded him on the way out the door; he tried to get me to get a ride home after church (since I had choir), but I quickly told him not to leave because I didn't think choir was going to happen, so we waited a couple minutes - choir wasn't going to happen - and we went home together. Plan foiled x2. He just couldn't get home before me to set up his surprise. My bad. But it was still a surprise because I wasn't expecting anything, and it made me so happy anyways! So happy. Like I think I've been smiling ever since. I love him so much.

PS. How great is that stache?? And by great I mean...
I still love him so much.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need a job.

Last week was my first week of reduced hours. Which means I had Thursday and Friday off. You know what happens when I have spare time? Baking.

I love baking. But that means I then eat baking. Which is soon going to be detrimental to my goal that I'm only finally beginning to see results from. I almost died doing cardio today just trying to burn enough calories to make up for the following...

What do you get when you put these two things together?

Only the most delicious, gooey cookies you've ever eaten!

For real, these cookies are just so dang good. My mouth is watering just thinking about the second batch I just pulled out of the oven. I forgot how big of batch this recipe makes... which means I still have more batter left even after cooking a couple dozen Friday AND today. I'm going to have to send the last dozen's worth of batter to my freezer. I just can't have any more of these scrumptious devils sitting on my counter.

And that's not even where I stopped.

Ever since Trent and I made scones with the Wests a couple weeks ago, it got me wanting to make proper scones. You see, "scones" as most of us know them, are deep-fried to golden perfection and my favourite when served with honey butter melting over them. I grew up making these with my mom, shaking them in paper bags filled with cinnamon and sugar. When we decided to make scones, I decided to google to see how other recipes look. I'm pretty sure we just used bread dough for our scone parties in Edmonton (which we epic and I miss them), but I wanted to see what the world of google had to say. As it turns out, deep-fried scones are better known to google as "mormon" or "Utah" scones. Funny right? Figures.

But upon my googling, I innitially discovered a lot of good looking "Real" scone recipes. You know, the more British type - proper. Baked. So once I made a bunch of cookies, I decided I'd switch gears to something that felt a little - a little - more healthy. And I am so happy I did, check out my first real scones!

Mmmmm. Sorry, I ate two before I stopped to take a pic.
They're that good.

They're pretty straightforward, too. Pretty much my mom's biscuits, but sweeter. I'm excited to start throwing in raisins or craisins or orange zest now. I wanted to find a good base recipe before I started goofing around, but now the skies the limit!

Oh love handles... how I thought we were going to say goodbye... I need a job.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Badda Boom Badda Bing

Trent has been contemplating getting a black powder rifle for months now. Here in Saskatchewan, you can hunt with a black powder rifle for a month ealier and more than you can with a regular rifle. It wasn't until he spotted something he liked that he decided it was time to go shopping.

So last Saturday we spent the day looking at, learning about, and buying Trent's new black powder rifle. And obviously we had to try it out, too.

The wind was SO cold.
But look how happy he looks.
Black powder baby
And we are ready to go
love at first shot.
Shooting guns is always a good time. It's like fireworks. I love the loud boom. It gives you a rush of adrenaline every time. This gun had such a good boom, it blew the leaves off the surrounding trees. It was wicked. I thought my hearing may not return, but it was worth it.

Then comes round two.

Trent went out hunting Monday evening. And got what he went for.

165 baby. So proud.
Then comes the after party...

We might have all the  skin and guts from that head in our kitchen garbage now. Awesome.
Oh thanks for laying down a garbage bag first, babe.
Too bad it didn't actually help protect the table...

Yep. That's for real.
So glad we could move over our pictures to make enough room for this bad boy. I think it really just pulls the room together, don't you?

Oh boys and their toys and their games. We're having a great time. And it's not even November yet.

Puppy Love

Thanksgiving was super. Two full family dinners, one beautiful puppy, several ducks shot on the Bevans duck hunt, and so much fun all around. How do you not love this baby -->

Trent decided it would be a good idea have take one of Kurt's puppies for the weekend, you know, as training wheels. Have a puppy for the weekend, see if you're ready for a puppy for good. And everyone knows puppies precede babies. We call them baby steps.

She was a big hit. Everyone loved her. Alas, she was just training wheels for the weekend and she had to go home again. But it was a fun weekend while it lasted.

Family Photo :)

Sometimes Trent is a tough guy...

Sometimes he's fun-loving...

Sometimes he's just loving.
I think our puppy training weekend went better than planned. I have puppy love. Which is no surprise to me. For some reason I think Trent thought I was anti us getting a puppy and he schemed this weekend to make me fall in love with a puppy to convince me we should have one. Silly Trent. I'm only anti puppy while we have an apartment. Puppies grow into dogs and dogs don't belong in apartments. I love puppies. Who doesn't? But I love puppies that can have a yard to live and grow up in. We might be ready for a puppy when we finally have a yard for one. At least you can put a puppy outside and ignore her for a while if you need/want to... As for the rest of the baby steps...We might not be ready for a baby. The first day with puppy, she may have been left alone for the majority of the day. Okay with puppy. Not okay with baby. Oh well, baby steps right?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Still Laughing

It's raining.
It's pouring.
There are puddles.
Big puddles.
There are pedestrians walking ahead of me.
There is a giant puddle in front of me.
There is a car beside me.
There are very wet pedestrians walking behind me.
I am laughing.
That was unavoidable.
That was awesome.
I am still laughing.

Sorry peds, but you just made my day.
There is a silver lining to every rain cloud -

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's officially autumn. There's a chill in the air today, and it smells like autumn. Yes smells like it. You can smell the leaves and the cool crispness today. I look out my window and see colours changing, leaves falling, and cloudy skies.
It's chilly outside. And not just the early morning chilly I've been experiencing for the past couple weeks. The temperature isn't getting any warmer today.

But I'm kind of okay with it. It's a perfect day for grilled cheese and mushroom soup for lunch. It's a perfect day to curl up on the couch with a blanket and cup of warm delicious licorice spice tea.

It's a perfect day to stay curled and cuddled and watch conference. And later maybe a little feel good movie. Maybe a little popcorn and hot chocolate. Yep. Today is a perfect autumn day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Find, Find Good

Has anyone else noticed how PG movies aren't what they used to be? Nothing is safe anymore. So yesterday when I was wanting to make sure a couple movies I was deciding between watching would be decent, I came across this site on google: Kids In Mind. It gives you a rating of how much sexuality, profanity, and violence there is in each movie and then gives a written breakdown of it. For example how many F-bombs, religious exclamations, name-calling, etc. And since it's designed for parents with kids in mind, they seem to have a much broader sense of what is consider sexual, profane, and violent content. Which is nice. It made me ill to skim through the content in a couple movies, movies that I probably would have watched and not realized how bad some of it was - sadly. I'll definitely be checking my movies here from now on and I thought I'd share it; because I don't know about you, but I'm sick of boobs appearing in my PG movies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quinoa This

It's Cooking With Quinoa time again!

I decided to try out a new Quinoa recipe tonight. One of the receptionists at work brought a cold quinoa, bean, corn type dish for lunch yesterday and it sparked two ideas in my head. First, cold quinoa salads are delish. And my lovely friend melissa once introduced me to chop chop. So I'm thinking quinoa chop chop. YEAH?! Bell peppers, corn, navy beans, chick peas, kidney beans, green onion... and quinoa! I could eat it by the spoonful, or by the corn chip full. I'm liking this idea.

But Trent made the most delicious stir fry the other night, using up all of our bell peppers, so that's why I went for idea two. A hot bean and quinoa dish. So I did what any normal person in my position would do: googled it.

Here's what I came up with: (Compliments of allrecipes.com)

  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
  • 3/4 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup frozen corn kernels
  • 2 (15 ounce) cans black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro


  1. Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in the onion and garlic, and saute until lightly browned.
  2. Mix quinoa into the saucepan and cover with vegetable broth. Season with cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper. Bring the mixture to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 20 minutes,
  3. Stir frozen corn into the saucepan, and continue to simmer about 5 minutes until heated through. Mix in the black beans and cilantro.               

I decicded to give it a shot, follow it to the letter and see how it came out. And by to the letter I mean I used kidney beans instead of black beans, fresh basil instead of cilantro (and def not 1/2 a cup), and 2 cloves of garlic instead of 3. It's the end of the month - I improvised. It turned out great but if I were to do it again I'd use a little less cumin (it's strong) ,and a little less cayenne (it was pretty spicy, but not killer), a little more corn (just because I love it), and of course give cilantro and black beans a shot.

I really liked the concept though and a very esthetically pleasing one too. The red kidney beans, yellow corn, and green basil - beautiful. We had it with BBQ pork chops, Trent's such a good BBQ'er. I chalk this up to a win and can't wait to make chop chop!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Things Are Nice

I like to go shopping. I like to go shopping a lot. If I knew how to label and link stuff, this is where I'd redirect you to my earlier post about budgetting and working in the mall and my love of shopping and how the 3 combine like oil and water. My life is an emulsion.

Yesterday I had the day to myself. Trent had a mouthguard clinic all day so I was left to my own devices. I started out strong. Made a to do list, and started in on it. I booked an eye exam - because when I tore a piece of my cornea a couple weeks ago, the optometrist highly recommended it; I booked a doctor's appointment; I loaded and started the dishwasher; I washed our bedding; I did some research online into workout clothing and scrubs - two things I need more of. And that's where I started to go downhill...

Working 5 days a week, you get really tired of your scrub selection after a while.
Working out 5 days a week, you need more than one work out outfit after a while.

Looking in my closet, sure, I have plenty of scrubs, but I haven't bought any new scrubs in over a year. And think about how often you do, or want to, replace the clothes you wear every day. This is like me not buying a new shirt or pair of jeans in over a year. So I'm restless for new options.

As for workout clothes - I may have worn the exact same thing to the gym every day last week. I did do laundry mid-week, but still. I'm sure the gym people are disgusted. Because gym people are creatures of habit, and whether we ever speak or not, we know each other by sight and by nickname. (At least I assume everyone else nicknames people in their head.) But I fear that I've already earned the nickname of no-change-green-shirt-girl. I know I have plenty of cotton sports t-shirts that would provide enough variety to rock a different shirt every day for a month, but last year I bought a lulu lemon running T with a gift card my work gave me and now I can't run in anything else. This shirt has spoiled me. It wicks moisture away, is super lightweight and comfy, it's anti-stink (thank goodness since it's all I wear), and I simply like it best. Those over-sized cotton T's just can't compare, and are awful when drenched. So thus I looked into getting a few more options.

My first stop was for scrubs. I've never been to the scrub store here. And I say THE scrub store because apparently there's only really one place to go, and the selection is actually incredible. They have rows and rows of scrubs of every brand, print, style, colour, and size. I secretly love looking at scrubs. Bonnie, Hayley, and I had a blast our first scrub shopping trip and maybe that's why I've always loved it. And I have Alaya to thank for my success and comfort now. She introduced me to NRG scrubs. These are the most comfortable scrubs you'll ever put on. Silk on your legs, lightweight on your body, and so cute. I may have spent more than I had told myself I would, but I picked up 3 tops and 2 pairs of pants and I think it was well worth it.

I'm actually excited to wear them to work next week.

Next stop: workout clothes. At this point, I'm still feeling good about my shopping because it's for "necessities". But Superstore almost ruined me. I stopped there to check out their workout section, because it's cheap, but they had nothing much today. Unfortunately they do have some really cute clothes and a wall of cardis in every colour you could possibly want, and I possibly want every colour. I held strong though. I didn't buy a single cardi or t-shirt - and I had already caved to the point of trying some things on so to walk out with nothing, that's self control. I checked out the running store and the outdoor store to see what they had for workout stuff before I went to lulu, but alas it was slim picking and unimpressive so to lulu I went. I only bought one top, because let's face it lulu is wicked expensive, but at least I can be the green-OR-purple-shirt-girl now. By this point I was talking to Michelle on the phone and managed to actually try on two tops without putting the phone down once. Mad skills.

Here's where the real cave comes. The mall is across the street, so I wander that way, only a bad connection on my cell to michelle, gets me back out quickly and safely. But one of my secret favourite stores is also close by and someone had way over-paid the meter before me. So I wander into Tonic. Whenever I go past this store, the manequins are always so fabulously dressed. I adore the look of this store. It's a boutique, but artsy-trendy and cute and I love it. I need a shopping friend. Melissa and Michelle are my usual accomplices, but they are both far away and I greatly dislike it. Now I have to take pics on my phone in the change room and send them to one of them to get their input. Totally takes away most of the charm. But I just like their opinions. And trust them. So here's what I tried on yesterday... (changeroom phone pics are never very good...)

I wasn't in love with the first one on me, but the second I adored. It may be an old lady floral print with a gold clasp belt, but it's awesome. Sometimes I like odd things. So after e-mailing Michelle pic 2 and discussing and debating in my mind I go for the splurge - because it isn't cheap. But when I get to the cashier and she rings it in and tells me the price I choke, I hesitate, I stammer, and the girl looks at me and says, maybe you should put it on hold and think about it? Yes, hold it, yes please, that's a good idea.

When I get home however and start skyping with michelle and my mom - I just want this dress. I just think there's something kind of trendy, but old, but unique, but awesome about this dress. And it fit perfectly. So after an hour of skype I look at the time and decide I have to go buy the dress. I have to say, I'm quite happy I did. I wore it to church today with my hair curled and my black ankle boots and I loved it. No buyers remorse for this girl.

So as it turns out, I have expensive taste. I buy expensive scrubs, expensive workout clothes, and expensive dresses. But I can't say I regret a single purchase from yesterday. I'm a little sad I had to dip so much into my tax rebate money (Trent and I reserved a portion for each of us to spend as we please), but I think it will make the future much more friendly. I mean I covered my bases for the three things that occupy the majority of my time - work, exercise, and church. Good day.

Funny thing is the day doesn't even end there, but this post is already SO long. Trent came home finally and we went out to Fudruckers with a couple friends - one of them being Cody Pollock, our long lost friend. Love that guy. I'd never been to Fud's, but the burgers and fries are outrageous good. Then the three of us left the other two couples and went to celebrate one of Trent and Cody's dental friend's and former roommate's birthday. Pool Party! It was a good time, though I wasn't really feeling like rocking a swimsuit after a giant burger and fries. But I sucked it up (and in). A bunch of people came out and there was plenty of pool dodgeball and baseball fun for all. Trent's dental friends are a lot of fun. And birthday treats are always good too.

At the beginning of the day I have to admit I was a little skeptical of what kind of day I was going to have, but I should never doubt the good time I can have.


PS. I really really really need to find my camera. I miss it. My blog posts are dismal without it. Sorry.

Interesting? facts about me

So in editting my blog once again, I came across this post that I wrote and never posted... I was probably trying to decide whether to indulge or not at the time... so here it is completely uncensored.

10 potentially interesting facts about me that you should probably already know:

1) I love sports. I played volleyball, badminton, basketball and rugby in school and love most sports, especially innertube waterpolo and rugby. Most favourite two for sure. Anything to be active and have fun.
2) I am ridiculously competitive. Even if it's not a competition - it's probably a competition of some sort in my head. Even if it's just with myself.
3) I am a nerd. I love reading and learning. I'm an overachiever and like to know things. I used to want glasses so badly I convinced my mom I needed them and had her take me to get my eyes checked. Turns out I have better than 20/20 eyesight; doctor said I was just suffering from eye strain from reading so much late at night under my covers with a flashlight because I didn't want to get busted by my mom. So my mom got me a reading light instead of glasses. And then I grew up to be the treasurer of my highschool counsel - I am a nerd.
4) If I went back to school for a "fun degree" it would be in pyrotechnics. I used to play with fire a lot and I think that has resulted in a delayed response time to the sensation of burning, because I still consistently burn myself when I'm cooking or around fire. I don't think I ever established the "hot burner hurts" lesson that children are supposed to learn early on.
5) I love camping. Love it. I don't have to be specifically hardcore backpacking, roughing it camping to have fun; I also like just parking a camper/trailer in the mountains or by a beach and enjoying being there and eating camp food and doing camping stuff (or just sitting and reading and getting a tan).
6) I am loud. I talk loud, I laugh loud, I think out loud. I like to tell myself that I have hearing problems so I have to be loud so I can hear myself, but I haven't been able to get any doctors to back me up on that yet.
7) I have an all or nothing personality. My life motto is go big or go home. I don't really see the point in doing anything half way or good enough. My mom's favourite quote from me is "I can do it myself" which I said to my dad when he offered to carry me on a hike when I was 2. I'm kind of independent, too.
8) I am double jointed. My hands are super flexible and bend in weird ways. Perhaps one day I'll entertain you with my tricks. Perhaps I already have. I can hold hands with my feet. Yep, full interdigitation hand to foot. It's weird. I told you, I am a nerd.
9) I have been skinny dipping. Multiple times. And think it's great. If not a little awkward given certain circumstances. I don't really recommend it in glacier water at midnight, but on a dare it's doable.
10) I don't get embarassed. I love stories - hearing them, telling them, remembering them - I just consider everything a good story for later. I love to laugh so laughing things off just seems like the best option whenever given a choice. And it really will make a great story later.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The big four O

I made my office clear my schedule for today so I could take out resumes. So take out resumes I did. And when I do something, I go big or go home. So I emptied my printer's ink cartridge and exhausted my stapler, and started ticking offices off the list. I hope my phone's data use really is unlimited because I lived on my map app all day. As a side note, I seriously don't know how people functioned before the internet. and cell phones. and smart phones. and map apps. Thank you google for revolutionizing life as we know it.

1/3 of a tank in gas, 3 dollars in parking meter change, 6 hours and 40 resumes later, I called it a day. Partially because my jaw was sore from smiling so much, partially because it was 27 degrees and I was melting and wishing I was at the beach, partially because the only offices left to apply at were the farthest away and in the most ghetto areas of town, but mostly because I ran out of resumes and it was after 4 - so most offices were closing or close to. And I was tired.

Let's be serious, I was tired. Today I was a missionary. Nothing but door to door pounding, with a smile on my face while I introduced myself, handed over my resume, and graciously accepted rejection after rejection. No one is looking for a hygienist right now. I hit 40 offices, and not a single one seemed hopeful. Oh they'll hang on to my resume, they say, but they're not looking for anyone right now. Well keep me in mind if anything comes up, I say, I'll be around. You can count on it at this rate.

On a plus side, I got to see a lot of the city today. I feel much more well-rounded as a Saskatooner. Awesome. There's only 10 offices left on my list; my list that has every dental office in Saskatoon on it, organized in geographical groupings for easy and systematic delivery. So perhaps if I don't hear anything back by October 14 (That's D-Day), then maybe I'll really round off my Saskatoon experience and head to the Northwest. Maybe. Trent and I drove through that side of town the other day to get out of town to this sweet beach... and let's just say I might employ the buddy system to take those last 10 resumes out.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Do

Did I just use my blog to write my to do list? Why yes, yes I did...

1) Get a new gym membership. Unfortunately that means I also have to research gym prices vs. what they offer. Currently World Gym or U of S gym is winning. Pro World Gym: hot yoga included. Pro UofS Gym: climbing wall access. Con of both: $40 and $45 per month. Which brings me to option 3: the $10/month gym. All you really need is a treadmill and weights right? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?! This is my future we're talking about.

2) Get lawn chairs. Which means I must also research where, how much, which is best. Trent and I really need something to sit on and enjoy our balcony with, and patio furniture would be a silly purchase for how small the balcony is and how short we will be here and in a season to use it. However lawn chairs are always useful for parades, picnics, camping, family reunions, etc. But who knew there were so many shapes and sizes and styles of lawn chairs? Hence why it's still a to do and not a done.

3) Buy Visalus. It will help with the renewal of my commitment to getting in wicked good shape. You'll see, I'll be hot. One of my biggest issues currently is eating enough and the right stuff for breakfast to have enough energy to make it 4.5 hours to lunch at work. Because let's be serious, I'm not waking up an hour sooner to cook and eat a full course breakfast every morning. 5:45am is as early as I open my eyes. This issue is currently abated by a bagel and cream cheese every morning, however that seems to me to be a lot of carbs and fat and not a lot of nutrition. So though it may be fairly successful in getting me through the morning, I feel like it is not doing my health any favours. Eat oatmeal you say? (That's what Trent says) Unfortunately and weirdly enough, it doesn't seem to last for me. Thus, I am turning to Visalus to see if it might do the trick. I'd love to explain, but I'm a novice myself so for more info click here. All I can say is I like what I read, so here's to hoping.

Well these are my major to do's. Other than laundry. Which I just remembered I was going to do tonight because all my scrubs are dirty. I've even worn the ugly ones. So on that note, I have a couple of loonies I need to drop into a machine.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Indian Givers and Bruises

Continued as promised.

We're home, and I'm right back into the swing of things, right back to work. Back to that glorious job I got at such an opportune time in such an opportune way and seemed so serendipitous and perfect. While at work that first day, I decided to flip through the schedule in between patients. In flipping I realized a couple things:

1) When I told the hygiene coordinator that I would rather start Friday at 7am, same as every day, rather than 8am, she proceeded to simply add another patient to my day. So I am now working 9 hour days, 5 days a week. Seriously?

2) So I started clicking week by week on Fridays, just to see when I might be able to intervene and get the 3pm pt taken off without having to reschedule anyone. Which is when I realized that Oct 14 is the last Friday I work. Ever. Oh that makes sense though because the hygienist on mat leave comes back the next Monday so the girl filling in for her will be done, so why not take over my Fridays so I don't have to work overtime every week. This girl didn't want to be working full time in the first place, but had agreed to take over the full-time mat leave for a year. Makes sense that she'd pick up the couple days available once the mat leave is over. Makes sense.

I carry on working and in between patients next, my boss happens to be around while I'm on the computer so I say hey I have a question for you and she looks at me and all of a sudden is like oh yeah hey I need to talk to you, too. Ok. I turn to the comp and explain how I had just been flipping through the schedule when I noticed that Fridays got taken over? Yeah... That's what I want to talk to you about. Come to my office. Ok.

In her office she proceeds to explain , no explain is the wrong word, explain makes it sound like it makes sense. She proceeds to tell me that while I was on vacation the mat leave hygienist came to her and told her that she would like to keep working full time. Well my boss had no idea she'd even be interested in working full time since she wasn't last time she checked, but hey if she wants full time, then she can just take over my job when mom hygienist returns. What a great idea boss! At least, that's what she said. Nothing personal, she says, mat leave has just been here longer so she has priority. No problem. There might be Mondays and Wednesdays available for me. Maybe. She'll let me know whether or not she wants to give me those days by the end of August. Really? Thanks... There may have been a moment when I said, Ok just making sure what you're saying is come mid August I'll either have Mondays and Wednesdays or no job? Yes. So I should start looking for another job. Yes. Thanks...

I really don't like Indian Givers.

That's all I can say on this matter or I'll lose all professionalism entirely.

And it just keeps getting better... what about the loonie sized bruises, you ask? Well last weekend Trent and I went paintballing with a bunch of people. Enough said? Well I'll go on anyways. It was my first time paintballing. I mean, I've been slingshot paintballing a bunch, but never semi-automatic paintballing. There was only one other girl in our group (from Trent's class) and it was her first time as well, and she kept talking about how nervous she was and how she was probably going to spend the first 30 min hiding and whatnot. So of course I had to show no fear. I couldn't be classified in with this girl. I mean really, hide for the first 30 min? Anyways, game on. It was so much fun. Seriously hot, especially in the overalls and mask, but still so fun. So about the bruises. I don't remember specifically most of the shots, but I keep finding bruises. I do specifically remember a few shots.

Shots to remember:
- Head shot. Right on the noggin. Needless to say, my head's still a little tender to shampoo, and brush, and lay on my left side. Couple advil with that one. Though, Trent too several head shots... so I can't complain about mine too loudly. He's def feeling his.
- Shoulder shot. Serious bruising with that one. Felt that one for a while. It actually blew my skin off. My skin may have already been crumbling as previously noted, but it was still a pretty dramatic looking shot with my skin all blown off around it. Worst part though? It's on my right shoulder. So I can't lay on my right side either.
- Finger shot. No really. Direct hit to my knuckle on my left index finger. At least I only have to hold a mirror with that hand.
And the winner is...
- Hand/wrist shot. Instantaneous searing, throbbing pain. Skin broke, not just blew off, broke. Swelling immediately. Bruising simulatneously. I wanted to cry. But I didn't because I'm the tough girl at paintball. But I wanted to. Don't tell Trent that. At least it was in the final round because I needed ice. And to stop acting tough. Putting gloves on and off a hundred times has not felt good this week. Nor has bending my wrist.

But let's be serious, I love paintballing. And being on Trent's team. At least he's my husband so it seems relatively logical that we'd be on the same team... or else I'd just have to beg because I don't want to play against him haha. I mean... we're a great team. We play well together. We won a lot of the battles. And our team was even 3 vs 4 the whole day. Good day. It's something I could be addicted to. It's that fun.

So it's been a bit of a painful return to my regular life. So bitter sweet. Though speaking of sweet - s'more pierogies are my newest favourite desert. Check this girl's new gourmet pierogies out on facebook at Love At First Bite! or on the website here. Seriously so good. You know I don't blog vouch for things I'm not serious about.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I wish my titles actually showed up

Where did I go?

1) Moved upstairs. And please don't say to yourself, oh you were just moving upstairs. Because let me tell you - as grateful as I am that I didn't have to load and unload a truck, that's where the pro of "just moving upstairs" ends. This building is so humid and hot and two flights of stairs and a hallway, times a million trips, carrying everything you own, is exhausting. I'm grateful Robbie and Bailey and the elders came to move the furniture I couldn't carry. And Bailey's a trooper for cleaning my bathroom top to bottom. I owe her. Glad to be moved, but I'm now glad it wasn't sooner because this apt is smokin hot, and in purely the sense that I won't sweat to death in my own home am I glad the summer heat is closer to an end than if we had moved in June (that being said, I hope we have a long late summer).

2) Immediately upon moving, I pulled stuff back off the shelves and out of the closets and packed my bags for southern alberta. It was a great trip home, packed full of wedding preparing, marathon sewing (props to my moms), painting and laying laminate, camping, bachelorette partying, wedding partying, family visiting, and HUSBAND RETURNING! Wahoo!! My long lost husband has returned and I've never been happier. Kanzi's wedding was beautiful and just throw a vertical strike through my and Trent's wedding day temp and you've got Kanzi's. So jealous. But everything turned out so wonderful. It was kind of perfect to have Trent return the night before and have one of the first things we did together be to return to the temple and witness and relive a sealing. Perfect. The not so perfect side? When I sat down on my chair in the sealing room, I felt a sharp stab in my left leg. No, stab isn't an adjective in this sentence, it's a noun. I was actually stabbed in the leg. By a pin my mother lovingly left there for me to find. (Remember mention of a sewing marathon? Yeah she may have been exhausted and missed getting this one... got it.)

You'll get bored if I even try to go on about all that was done... but I think I just might do it anyway.

Kanzi and Colt just bought a house and are fixing it up. Hence the painting and the laminate flooring. They were long days, but I find something quite rewarding about hard work. I've never laid laminate before but it's super easy and Trent and I make a killer laminating team ha.

I met a ton of Trent's family (again - but who really remembers all the new names and faces from their own wedding?). They're hilarious. And make Trent make so much more sense. Always a good time. And meeting some of Kanzi's friends at her bachelorette party was also a riot - as were my sister-in-laws. Oh bachelorette parties...

Camping in Waterton is always a summer highlight, and quite frankly I just didn't get enough of it and I'm sad. I want to go back. Trent and I did get some time alone to camp in Waterton which was nice. Though Trent may have spent an entire day inside the bus because he burned himself so badly the day before. All he could do was lay flat on his back - which was the least painfully burned part of his body. So what did I do all day? Sat outside reading. One of my favourite summer activities to be honest. But I proceeded to get a little too much sun myself. Not near Trent's level, but it dried me out enough that I now look like a leper from the amount of crumbling that has occurred. SK is actually shockingly more humid than AB and as it turns out, my skin kind of likes humidity and crumbles when it lacks it.

Other highlights include gopher hunting - I'm a sniper and I love sniping gophers. We went and watched Colt in the Cardston ranch rodeo and regular rodeo - I already love having him in the family, I love cowboys and rodeos. Simply being with Trent. Always a highlight. Lowlight - His plane was 45 min late which KILLED me. I was 45 min early just to make sure I was there the second he got off that plane, so after I'd been waiting 25 min and saw his flight suddenly delayed... so sad. I'm sure people around me thought I was a crazy person. I got up and checked the flight boards a million times and probably looked like such a tornado of excited, disappointed, anxious, happy, frustrated, hopeful, distressed, desperate, schitzophrenic, bipolar. Then he texted me that they finally landed. Which proceeded to be a terrible tease because since they were late they no longer had a port to unboard at and had to wait. I seriously contemplated jumping the fence and running to the plane and demanding they let me have him. Ahahaha oh I sound crazy. But I was going crazy. And it was the middle of the night to boot.

Anyways, now I'm home and settling back into my cozy married routine and working. But that's for another post... I'm tired and I've lost your attention, you're only skimming now anyways. Well skim this - Next blog to include: Indian Givers and toonie sized bruises.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not bad for Saskatchewan

So remember when I said Saskatoon is SO NICE in the summer? Well here's a little look at what I was talking about...

This is the river as viewed by yours truly as I drive to and from work every day, and on my afternoon strolls across the bridge.

This is the boulevard behind my apt building.

Gorgeous right?

And here's the skate park? kiddie pool? I took the photo after they drained it for the day (which they do around 5:30) Picture this full of water and toddlers everywhere. I just figured people would think I was creepy if I started taking pics of their children. Especially because they prob already thought I was weird for chillin here - without any children. It was my chill spot first people. I loved here before it had water. This is my little secret garden. I like to read and play my ook and tan here. It's only a couple blocks from my apt.

I like this place. If I have to be alone, at least it's a lovely lonely.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

12 Days
2 Hours
29 Minutes
44 Seconds

43 Seconds

42 Seconds

41 Seconds

Yeah I'm counting seconds.

This boy needs to come home.

This is the pic that comes up on my countdown for his return. I thought it seemed appropriate. And amusing.

But I mean really...

It's time. Almost.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am a survivor of the 50 hour work week.

I might make a t-shirt. That's how relieved and thrilled I am to be done.

I am now in my swimsuit, laying flat on my back, in a little park a couple blocks from my house, where the community has filled a cement skateboard dome with water so children can play. It's brilliant really. And it's sunny and hot and I don't intend to move from my blanket anytime soon. I have my book and my ook and I couldn't be more content.

Peace out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quittin Time

Remember when I said I really need these last three weeks to fly by? (and by 3 weeks, I mean 17 days 3 hours and 2 minutes) I take it back. I need these last three weeks to be over.

Good News: I GOT A JOB!!! The office I've been temping at all summer hired me full-time! Wahoo! One of their hygienists has been struggling with health stuff and has called in sick or simply failed to come in a lot in the past few months and today was no different. I'm not entirely sure whether this girl decided she wasn't going to be able to keep working anymore given her recent history and continuous illness, or whether she was encouraged to stop trying (aka fired), I have no clue. All I know is I get her job now. Is it just an indefinite sick leave fill or an actual permanent full-time job? Good question. Don't care. So in general I'll be working 9 hour days, mon-thurs. Awesome right? Well on the other hand...

Bad News: I'm scheduled to temp this week mon, tues, fri, sat. Split between two offices. But because this girl called in sick suddenly today and won't be coming back... the office has weeks and weeks booked solid for her. Which means I'm now working tomorrow (wed) and thurs, too. Don't worry, I'll do the math for you. It's 50. 50 hour work week this week. Is that legal? 2nd bogus part of this ordeal... because yeah, there's a 2nd downside. I was planning on going home Sunday because I wasn't scheduled to work until the next Friday. As you can assume by this point - I'm now needed to work next week. Yuck. Which means 9 hour days mon-thurs and then friday's 8 hours. Just another 44 hours. No biggie. Then obviously they have patients scheduled for the next week too, but that just so happens to be the week leading up to Kanzi's wedding - and Trent's return! and then I'm taking a week and a half after that off since Trent will finally be back... I doubt the office will be thrilled by that. They have a lot of rescheduling to do. But at least they have less immediate rescheduling to do? Whatever.

At least I have a job! I can stop worrying about what's going to happen when summer ends and this office stops going on vacation. I get to stay! These two weeks are going to be long.  And I'm still waiting on word to move upstairs. Things could get crazy. I know I already am.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I got to spend another few days with family last week before I had to come back to work this week - only 3 more weeks! I yi yi, I just need these three weeks to fly by.

On my way to southern AB I stopped outside of Drumheller to visit Trent's brother Kurt and his wife Meg, and their two girls, Tate and Mani. They're the sweetest little girls... I dubbed them sugar and spice while I was there, though they both have a little of each. Tate has brown hair and big brown eyes and more olive skin, while Mani has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin - hence the sugar and spice. And I would say Tate is a little more spice and Mani is a little more sugar currently - but Meg laughed and ensured me Mani has enough spice in her too, and Tate loves everything and everyone which is pretty sweet. We just played outside and fed the goats and ate freezies and had a good day. It was sunny and hot and wonderful. I love playing with those girls.

Then I carried on to Lethbridge and found out that we'd be babysitting my niece, Riley, for the weekend. I was actually so excited because I don't think I've seen that girl since Trent and I got married (which was already 7 months ago!). She's already 4 1/2 and going to kindergarten this fall, which is crazy to me in my head. I can still see sumo baby, and the toddler that called me "an guppies" (her attempt at Aunt Cathy). She's all grown up now, but still calls me auntie guppy sometimes because that's what Mark calls me - and probably always will.

Riley is hilarious and just has that little kid imagination down to a T. I stubbed my toe and she's immediately playing doctor, and making me lie down because I had a "twist ankle". She proceeded to pull out her doctor kit and check my temperature and says, "Last year your temperature was little, but I'm sorry, your temperature is very big now." Then she checks my blood pressure, "Auntie Cathy, your blood plessure is on the roof!" I moan and say "Oh man!" and she says, "I know, I don't know what to say either, I'm sorry, but you are very sick." She checks some other things and then looks at me gravely and says, "Auntie Cathy, you are very sick, you have swallowed a radio!" Where do kids come up with this stuff?! Oh it was a good time. She was a very demanding doctor though. She told me I would have to stay in bed for 42 years. That must have been one big radio. Not gonna lie though, I am so not ready for a 4 year old, that girl is exhausting, and needs a sibling to play with. But she loves her aunt guppy and I love it.

There was plenty more lounging in kiddie pools, reading my book, and visiting with a little bit older family. Including a trip with Trent's mom and sister Kanzi, who's getting married at the end of the month and moving into her first house, so we went to look at kitchen cupboards and countertops and appliances. It was a good time. And plenty of card games and visiting and exercising with people. All good.

PS. I still love my ook. And maybe this week will be the week I get a pic of me with it up.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I love long weekends.

I love weekends.

I love Henry Ford for creating the weekend.

I love London for being the first place to make formal swimming pools.

I love kiddie pools. And if I knew who invented them, I'd love them too.

I love family.

I love friends.

I love sunshine, and God for blessing us with an amazing sunny warm weekend.

I love rodeos.

I love cowboys, and love that Trent looks dang good dressed like one.

I love BBQs.

I love summer dresses.

I love just chilling.

I love card games.

I love fireworks, and I especially love the biggest loudest sparkliest ones.

I love laughing. A lot.

I love love.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work Weeks

2.5 weeks down, 4.5 to go. I think I can I think I can. And let's be serious, it's actually 30 days, 2 hours and 49 min to go. Because of course I have a count down on my phone.

Last week and this week has been nothing but work. Which is great in it's own special way.

For one, it gave me something to do every day for at least 9 hours. Which is a really long time to do hygiene, in case anyone was wondering. And 7am is way too early to start. But hey, at least that means I'm off by 4:30. Which is nice. (3:30 would be nicer.)

For second, it has reminded me that I actually really enjoy being a hygienist - and people enjoy me being a hygienist. It has done wonders for my self esteem. And at least I get to be around people, rather than just puttering around my apt without a job, alone, very alone. And I'm never bored at work. Exhausted, yes; in pain, by noon; running behind, occassionally; but bored? never.

For third, it gave me funny stories to tell Trent. Like about the guy that hit on me shamelessly until I told him my husband is at boot camp. Then he told me he meant nothing by it all, and had just gotten out of a long serious relationship and was just having fun, and I was the best trip to the dentist he'd ever had, and he couldn't wait to get home and tell his roommates... it really was an entertaining app't.

For fourth, it ensured that I was around to get news that I will be moving at the beginning of July - which I had previously been told wasn't going to happen - so now I must start packing boxes and getting organized and cleaning. Quickly. But at least I'm moving up in the world! And hopefully they'll let us have a say in the paint colour so that Trent and I don't have to secretly paint again.

As great as having work is - and I'm turning out to have a fair bit between this office and another for the summer - I am so stoked for 4:30 tomorrow, when I will be done work for the week and shortly on my way to SoAB for a 3 day weekend; where kiddie pools, and frozen yogurt, and people watching await me. My swimsuit is already packed.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Where to begin...

Trent left for bootcamp last Saturday. T-39 days. He had to be at the airport at 5:30am.

Why yes he is shaving while driving to the airport.

Man I miss that boy.

Upon dropping him off at the airport, I proceeded to cry my way home, crawl into bed and take a nap, then packed the car and drove to Edmonton. What other options did I have?

It was a great choice. I arrived to the smiling - if not a little groggy - faces of Jessica and Amy E; two of my long lost edmonton friends, who also made the drive to edmonton that day. And it only got better from there. Devo, Beth, and Blaire were soon home and we met up with plenty more Edmonton favourites at Paula's wedding reception! Nothing like a good wedding to bring the old crew back together. I'm going to be sad, in a selfish sense, when all my friends get married and we no longer have receptions to act as reunions. Baby showers just don't bring people together quite the same. So it's official, I'm going to have to start planning Edmonton YSA reunions.

For some reason I didn't have my camera out at the reception and am just banking on stealing pics from Amy E. Check back, I'll add the classic group shot when I steal it.

That night we moved on to a classic YSA house party. They're still bompin'. Only word for it. Though I may have spent the majority of the time on one couch catching up with one friend. I got to say hi to EVERYONE (we were conveniently located right by the door).

I know, I know, what was I doing at a YSA house party? I've decided I'm breakin the barriers. Who cares if I'm married, they're still my friends, and I still wanna have fun. Though funniest comment of the party goes to Erin S... when she whispered to Devo, "Is Cathy still married?" I know that shouldn't be funny, but I mean, COME ON! Of course I am. That and it was coming from Erin... just sayin.

Sunday was a glorious day. The talks at church were seriously phenomenal - sadly I can't say that about every Sunday - but they were so good, I honestly didn't want the one girl to stop talking and then didn't mind at all when the last guy went 15 min over. Pure. Brilliance.

But that wasn't all that made Sunday great. There was also, "The Treasure". What is that? Oh it's just a little piano musical starring the one and only Amy W. She started piano again this year and I guess her teacher does these musicals (but with piano instead of singing). Amy may have been the eldest by 8vyears. Her co-stars were probably 8 and 10. And awesome.

This was no low-budget production. We walked into the theater and BAM - check this out:
Can you see how radtacular the set is?! Because PS. All those flowers are kids in costume.

I love piano musicals. Where people burst into piano instead of song.

And finish it all off with jazz hands.

We loved it.
(Totally not planned: Amy's glowing. Or Devo's pasty phtoto-shopped look.)

Okay, and I have to admit one more hilarious awesomeness of "The Treasure"...
That's Candian Olympic Curling Gold Medalist, Kevin Martin!

Random. I love random.

I didn't end up having to go back to S'Toon to temp Monday, so I stayed and Amy W and I had a lovely morning. We slept in, and talked, then got up, and talked, then went for a walk in sun dresses, and talked, then went out for lunch at Olive Garden, and talked. It was wonderful.

Then I jumped in my car and headed for another one of my favourite places - the Wilderman's! (That's right, I'm living the nomadic life now, while my husband is gone living the most structured life ever.)

Oh how I love the Wilderman's. They're great people. Even if Erin does swear like a sailor.

Erin had to work Tuesday morning (for a ridiculous DH rate that makes me cringe to come back to S'Toon), so I may have taken advantage of the sunny, warm morning to finish reading my book and visit with Art (E's dad). Yep, just took a little vacation all for myself for a few hours out on the Wilderman's deck.

Then the nomad in me drove on to Lethbridge. Surprise family! What's for dinner? It was nice to get to spend some time in Leth - and Raymond. I was sad little one was sick and couldn't play, but the weather wasn't conducive to us playing much anyways. And we had a great girls day sewing and hanging out - listening to american idol performances.

Oh and I bought a Ukulele! You must go back and pronounce it ook-uh-lay-lee. It took much googling, you-tubing, debating, seaching, and sleeping on it. But it was all worth it. Because I found this:

This will one day be me. That's totally what I sound like when I sing along to the radio.
(And Michelle and I killed ourselves laughing at it. Multiple times.)

I love my beautiful new ook. I'll show you it sometime this week when I haven't already written the world's longest blog post and still have one more story to tell.

I slept over at the Bevan's Thursday night and woke up bright and early to a) a call from an office I'm temping at this summer - them wanting me to come in that morning - ooh sorry, totally 7 hours away currently; b) to a text from Trent - him asking me to buy him a laser hair removal groupon for the front of his neck; and c) to Trent's mom coming to see if I wanted to get up and come to the border with her to pick up Kanzi's bridesmaid's dress fabric. A through C may have all occurred within a minute of each other.

So to the border I went! It was a fun drive. Trent's mom and I discussed laser hair removal and waxing and her babies and having babies. Yep. It was great. The best part of the story was coming back though. We ended up in the slow line. Of course. And Cari needed to get back to Raymond ASAP to drive the school bus. So we finally get to the front of the line, and I know the guard! Like, KNOW the guard. If I had run into him anywhere else (and a car and booth weren't separating us) we would have hugged and we would have been so happy to see each other. (He's a 50 year old man, everyone calm down, we just go way back.)

But here at the border, he's all business. I leaned forward so he could see me, but still nothin. I wanted to wave and say hi, but I was afraid that maybe he wasn't allowed to recognize and be jovial with border crossers... Then we handed him our ID and he lights up and is like, Cathy I thought that was you! Really? Because you sure didn't seem like it. From there on, it's all good, he asks what the value of stuff is we picked up and waves us on! No GST for us! WOO WOO! Cari was so hesitant and afraid, but he didn't tell us to turn in or mention GST or anything. I tried to tell her not to worry because he would have said something, but she was so funny about it. She said she felt like that commercial where the lady is running through the parking lot with the receipt and arms full of shopping bags, screaming "Start the car! Start the car!" Apparently she gets really nervous at the border and doesn't always have great experiences. Apparently I never have bad experiences because borders don't make me nervous at all. It was a good drive. I even got a tootsie pop out of the deal.

Okay I've rambled for long enough about my nomadic life. And I want you to know that only the beginning falls in chronological order. But now I am back in S'toon, and have two and a half weeks of DH temping... before I can hopefully be a nomad again because Waterton is calling my name. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic opportunity to have this much temping lined up, but Waterton... and playing my ook on mountain tops and on rocky beaches... are calling my name.

I don't know how kosher calling my ukulele, ook, is, but that's what the google pronunciation said. And abbreviating it to uk, will make you think uck, like yuck, which doesn't portray the right sound and joy that ook does.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just realized I already mentioned this...

This morning I got a text from Trent saying we for sure got the apartment upstairs! Which means, beginning of July (hopefully) I'll be recruiting help to haul all of our stuff up a floor. Apparently it would be ridiculous for either Trent or I to stay in the same place for more than a year. Neither of us have yet to accomplish it since moving away from home. We move every year. I hope the military doesn't get any bright ideas... Trent loves switching things up and moving, but I, on the other hand, kind of don't love it.

This move upstairs will be the second of the most ridiculous, but great, moves for me. In edmonton I literally walked my furniture and stuff two blocks to a new apartment. I can close my eyes and see Melissa and I carrying a table and lamps down the block. Ridiculous. But it was a necessary and loved move. I hope this one will prove the same.

See, it is kind of necessay, and I hope it will be loved. Pros of moving up a level:
- balcony - and therefore BBQ! and somewhere to sit outside and read! (Rather than my cement stoop that I've been sitting on out back.)
- it's the same amount of stairs just up instead of down.
- dishwasher!! (I hate washing dishes. Hate.)
- full size fridge. (We only have an "apartment" size one currently, which is way too small. We can't even have regular and chocolate milk at the same time!)
- new parking spot. Hallelujah. Our current spot is so snug between the others... and was literally impossible to park in half the winter/spring... and is under a tree that craps sticky all over my car in the spring/summer/fall - like I couldn't see out my back window after 36 hours of parking there once the snow melted. So I'm not even parking in my spot right now.)
- all for the special price of $30 more a month. I call this a good idea.

The only potential cons, is we're not sure if the kitchen is as spacious as our current one, but hopefully it won't be that much smaller; and the floor plan is different so hopefully it turns out just as great as this one. And hopefully we don't need to paint again...
The upside is the owner's daughter is the current occupant so it should be as updated and renovated as ours.

Was that way too much info? My bad. These are the kinds of things that make me happy and occupy my time.

Other things that occupy my time? Well today...
- Cutting up rhubarb (a lot of rhubarb) and making a scrumptiliumptious cake. You should all be here and have some. It's so good. Don't worry I had plenty to freeze so I can make more whenever you come to visit.
- Cleaning up the apt to show the manager - she was very impressed at our cleanliness. After seeing the apt we're moving into, I would be impressed by our cleanliness too.
- Checking out Ukulele's at Long and Mcquade's. I may have found "the one". I'm excited. Now I just need my tax rebate to get here. We filed in Feb. I don't want to talk about it.
- Finding out I didn't get the job from my first interview, which was shocking and sad - mostly because I just don't like losing. Obviously it wasn't meant to be, and hopefully tomorrow brings better news. Jasmine's going to put in a good word for me, so fingers crossed!

Things I love about yesterday.

Trent is gone this week mon-wed in Moose Jaw being all grown up and army dentistish. So I'm left sitting here without a job, waiting to hear from a couple interviews, and fending for myself.

But yesterday was a good day.

Things I love about yesterday:

1) It was sunny and warm and gorgeous outside.

2) I got a bonus from my last boss. Always a good day.
Walked in to drop off my key and walked out with a check.
Good trade.

3) I got an impromptu interview at an office.
I got a heads up about a position at this office on 
the weekend and just dropped by yesterday to hand
in a resume, and had an interview on the spot.
(I should hear back by tomorrow.)

4) Back to point one, since it was so glorious I decided to go
for a walk to check out some music stores on my hunt
 for a ukulele. I felt all trendy and cool walking Broadway Ave.
It's just one of those streets that seems like the type that's
made for walking up and down. So many interesting shops.
And they're shops, not stores. I loved it. And wish I had money
to do more than window shop. But I had to cave when I came to a
butcher and cheese shop. I went in on a whim and bought some cheese
curds and a piece of "Beemster - Premium Gourmet Dutch Cheese".
It honestly made me feel like I was in Amersterdam again,
as I walked and nibbled at my cheese in the sun on my trendy street.
It was Amsterdam all over again - that's where I first had this cheese afterall!

5) I walked home, but soon decided that I wanted to
keep my euphoria going. So I walked to the grocery
store to get some fresh basil for my caprese.
(Again, here's where I'd insert a link to Melissa's blog,
someone needs to tell me how. Apparently Melissa
has been inspiring me a lot lately.) It was quite the
walk, since the close local store didn't have fresh
herbs, but it was worth it! My caprese was so incredibly
delicious. I don't think I've ever realized how
ridiculously scrumptious fresh basil is - with fresh
tomatoes and mozza and a pinch of salt - so so good!
It was Italy and south France all over again. Such simple
ingredients, when fresh, are masterpieces;
that's what I love about their food.

It was a wonderful day for flying solo. The trees are full and leafy and grow over the streets into each other like a fairy tale and the sun was so warm. The only thing that would have made my day better would have been walking home with a Magnum - which are now in North America for the first time!! I was so excited when I saw them at the store. Clarissa and I got magnums everywhere we went in Europe, they're exquisite. I hope they're made out of  the same chocolate they are in Europe. Best ice cream treat ever put on a stick. But I'm pacing myself. I already treated myself to Dutch cheese.
I think today will be a magnum day.

And I have a PS. to good days: We got a call today saying we can move upstairs to the second floor where we'll have a balcony (and therefore BBQ), a dishwasher, and a full size fridge! All for the small deal of only $30 more a month. Again, good trade. We can move in beginning of July! Now I have to get dressed and clean so they can come check out our place and make sure it will be good to go when we move up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apartment Pro

This morning I love that I live in an apartment. For one reason. It's easy to clean and keep clean.

Trent got up early to go help someone from church move their heavy furniture (hence why I wasn't invited), so I decided to get up too and get the house clean so when he gets back we have the rest of the day to do whatever we want!

It took me one hour. ONE. to:
- do dishes
- clean counters and table
- sweep
- dust
- vacuum
- clean the bedroom
- eat breakfast

Granted the bathroom technically still remains... but is it so wrong that I'm leaving it for Trent this time? I always clean the bathroom. Call me juvenile but I'm leaving it for him. And it's really not that dirty because it was just done last weekend and we're not really dirty people. Okay fine I'm convincing myself that maybe I should just do it too so everything's done... dang it.

Either way, this morning I am happy to live in a nice apartment - plenty big enough for the two of us to enjoy and plenty small enough to be able to get everything done quick.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooking With Quinoa

Melissa inspired me. I bought a bag of quinoa a month ago and made chicken fried "rice". It was delish and I recommend substituting quinoa into a chicken fried rice recipe of your own. But that's beside the point.

I really like "keen-wa" and love the idea of how healthy it is. I think I even like it better than rice (which is easy because I only really like coconut rice). But since buying and cooking quinoa that one time, it has proceeded to sit on my shelf untouched. Until I read Melissa's blog (here would be where I insert a link to it... if I knew how), and she has started cooking with quinoa, too! So tonight I tried another recipe and it worked out great. It didn't even taste healthy - but it was!

So for Melissa and others, here it is: (for just Trent and I, I cooked 1/2 cup dry quinoa and halved the recipe - and it still made more patties than we needed for the two of us. So judge accordingly...)

Quinoa Patties

2 1/2 cups cooked quinoa (I have no clue what my 1/2 cup dry amounts to, but possibly close to this much, it seemed like a lot, but I still halfed the rest of the rest of the recipe and it worked just fine)
4 large eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp sea salt, pepper to taste
2/3 cup fresh chives, chopped (or green onion)
1 small yellow onion, finely
1/3 cup fresh Parmesan, grated (I just used parmesan from the shaker, mixed with some grated mozza since I had it.)
6 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
1 cup breadcrumbs (I crushed crutons - the seasoning of the crutons was a nice touch)
1 T extra virgin olive oil (I fried them on a non-stick pan so I didn't even need the oil)
  1. Cook quinoa according to package directions and place in fridge (to avoid immediately cooking the eggs when added)
  2. In a medium bowl beat eggs. Add salt, pepper, garlic, chives, onion, cheese and cayenne pepper.  Add quinoa and breadcrumbs and allow to sit for a couple of minutes.
  3. Form into patties. The mixture should be very moist. You may need to add water or extra breadcrumbs to moisten or make the mixture dryer.
  4. Place a large skillet over medium low heat. Heat olive oil. Add as many patties as your skillet can handle. (Again, I used a non-stick so no oil was necessary.)
  5. Cover and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, or until browned. Flip and cook for 7 more minutes, or until browned. (I made my patties about 1/2 inch thick, to increase surface area of crispiness)

It was super quick and easy, if not a little messy handling the patties. Next time I might add a little more cheese, I'm all for health but you can never have too much cheese. But like I said, I halfed the recipe, yet may have had close to full amount of quinoa, so feel free to play around with proportions. I should have measured the quinoa. They turned out really good anyways. We ate them with ketchup, but next time I wanna try with sour cream or ranch, or maybe ketchup/mayo... all sorts of options. You could easily dress them up with some chopped bell peppers or something. Mmm they were good. Enjoy!