Saturday, March 24, 2012

If I had a million dollars

It must be spring because for the past couple weeks I have been dying to throw out all my clothes and get new ones. Piece by piece, day by day, I keep adding an old hoodie, a t-shirt I never wear, a skirt I think I love but never put on, to a pile in my closet. It will all be gone soon. I might even go through my shoes. Maybe.

Also, there are SO many things I want to spend money on right now! I can't escape the list of things in my head that I want to buy:

- A new swimsuit. Or two. Or maybe three. I have found so many great swimsuits. I love love love swimsuits. They're fun and remind me of summer and I love the hot sun, water combo. I have a couple that need throwing out (not just because I'm bored, I've actually worn them thread bare), so obviously I need to replace them. I'm currently just trying to justify how expensive some of my favourites I've found are. *sigh*

- Clothes, clothes, clothes. From Moddest is hottest specifically today. I visited her facebook page and I just want to drop major dollars at her place. Shirts, skirts, dresses, belts... I'm so bored of my clothes, and I know I don't wear half of it. I can't decide whether it's because it was a warm winter so I didn't even touch my sweaters and long sleeves, or if I legitimately just need to chuck most of them. But we just got posted in COLD Lake, so I should probably hold on to warm things... right? I might not anyways.

- An apron. This might sound like I'm stretching for things to list, but no seriously. Maybe you'll understand better if you visit . I specifically am eyeing sugar n' spice and very cherry, but their country/vintage-inspired ones are all awesome, too. I love to bake. And baking involves flour. And me with flour... we're tight. And by tight, I mean we're all over each other. It's inevitable. I love to bake. Therefore I need an apron. What good baker - and housewife - doesn't have an apron, right? And I have a code to get 30% off until Easter! Obviously I must get one.

- Books for my kindle. So many good books. I already caved and bought a skin for my kindle. Necessary? No. I already have a good case for it, but this will make it colourful and pretty when I open it to read... and it will protect it from getting scratched... yeah...

- itunes. With springtime, also comes my need for new music. I'm bored of my music and need a serious re-vamp. If Colton and Phil on American Idol put out CD's today, I'd buy them. And maybe Heejun too, depending on what he did. I want to buy some of their AI stuff already. But overall, I just need new music. Any good new music will do. And by new, I mean new to me. I've never been a guru - I know there's tons out there I need to hear.

So much splurging I'd like to do. Speaking of splurging, that's another store I wouldn't mind visiting... Why this is all hitting me at once? Who knows. Trent and I definitely aren't going to stay on our get out of debt fast track if I give in to my list... I'll have to pace myself... but which to start with?! How do you choose?? I want it all. And waiting on military info has taken all my patience, I have none left. I want to be frivolous. I even peer-pressured Trent (as he calls it) into buying a new suit a couple days ago. He only has a dark brown and a light tan suit - I mean really. The boy needed a good dark suit. Besides, he's graduating, he needs to look GOOD. And he will in this suit. It's beautiful. He looks great in it. It's a dark navy that you might think was black unless beside a black, with subtle green and blue pinstriping perfect for Trent's eyes. Put the right blue or green shirt with it and BAM - beauty. I love it. Possibly more than Trent does. But let's be serious, that boy never buys clothes - so it's my responsibility to keep him looking good. I mean, he's going to be a dentist next month. NEXT MONTH. Whoa. So excited. Maybe that's why I want to spend all of our money - because I know in a month we'll actually be making real money. Now THAT will feel good. Even if it is all slotted to get rid of debt. I can do a LITTLE celebrating with it first... right?

Friday, March 16, 2012

"You're going where??"

Cold Lake was first recorded on a map in 1790, by the name of Coldwater Lake.

The town of Cold Lake became a city in 2000.

Population 13,924.

82% of that population is Christian.

The Conservative party always wins majority provincially and nationally.

294km northeast of Edmonton. 170km north of Lloydminster.

The city's economy is inextricably linked to military spending at CFB Cold Lake. Every year Cold Lake hosts military forces from around the world for Exercise Maple Flag, a training exercise where pilots and support staff of NATO allies can take advantage of the Air Weapons Range and relatively open rural air space.

Kinosoo Beach is a favorite destination during the hot summer months between June and August.

Temperatures average 23 degrees in the summer and -21 in the winter.

"Truly the retail hub of the Lakeland, you'll find what you're looking for in Cold Lake. Whether you're hunting for a deal in our box stores, prefer to get your shopping done under one roof at the Tri-City Mall or visiting our one of a kind shops and boutiques downtown and around the lakeshore, our business community is a diverse one."

Sounds exciting, right? It better. It's where I'm going to be spending the next 3 years of my life. Adventures await! Pending that Trent passes his psych evaluation to make sure he'll be able to handle a posting to a semi-remote base... Why don't they think it's important to psych eval the wife? I feel like I'm the one that's going to feel semi-remote... Hopefully I'll have more information soon!

Hola Grandpa!

I want a Spanish grandpa. I had an elderly patient the other day, but not just any old patient. This patient is from El Salvador and awesome.

From the second I called his name in the waiting room, he gave me a big crinkly eyed smile and I loved him. I started with my usual, "Hi, my name is Cathy, I did your cleaning in September, if you remember me?" He looks at me and says, "Cad-ty, of course I remember you. You are - unforgettable." Loves him.

He's been here since the 70's, but his English is still not so good. He has to remind me to speak slowly so he knows what I'm saying. So we spent the appointment laughing and talking. I shared my minimal spanish and he said it was muy bien. At the end of the appointment he said something in Spanish, when I asked him what that meant, he said, "Your hands are like silk. They are beautiful at their job." "Muchos gracias!" "Ahhh! De nada, de nada!" Loves him.

Spanish men are known to be full of flattery. I love it. I want him to be my grandpa. There's something to be said for being positive. He was such a happy man. I love him. He's probably one of the only patients I am genuinely sad I will not be seeing in six months. I have a lot of great patients, don't get me wrong, but this man is a gem.