Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Lovin' and Lists

So far this summer has been pretty great, all things considered. And by ALL things considered, I mean considering Trent's gone. Because that's really been the only downside.

I've gotten a lot of sun already. Which, let's face it, is so important to me. I got to go home for the Canada Day long weekend and play with my family and watch fireworks - love. And I've gotten to spend time with two of my far away friends Melissa and Amy - whom both I adore and am so excited to see again when I can. I got to babysit Maja's pool for a few days, which meant more sunshine and swimming, and even a pool party with some sweet friends out here. Love it. I've gotten to ride my bike all over town. And my office isn't that busy, so I've gotten to get off early some days, which is ALWAYS nice! And I've gotten to make lots of different types of salsa - which are kind of my thing right now. I love all things homemade salsa. Mango. The best.

And now my summer is going to be so busy from here on out:
- This weekend I'm headed home for some serious family/friend time.
- Next weekend I'm going home to go camping in Waterton.
- Weekend after that the moving boys are coming and we're heading to Cold Lake with all of our stuff!
- Weekend after that I'll just barely be coming home from Cold Lake, after a week of signing, cleaning, unpacking, getting a PO box so I can start forwarding mail, and meeting at my future job!
- Weekend after that TRENT COMES HOME!!!
- Weekend after that I'll be in HAWAII at Amy's wedding!
- Weekend after that will be into September already and I'll be staying at friends' places in S'toon while I finish up working/waiting for Trent to return again.
- Give it three more weeks and then I'm getting my tonsils out on Sept 27! Hurray! And then Trent gets back on the 28th... welcome home... to poor sick me. And we get to drive to Cold Lake. I hope they give me a lot of drugs. At least Trent will be home to take care of me...?

And all the while in between I'll be working and playing all I can! I love summertime. I'd rather be busy than bored. And lonely.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Call

Yesterday the moving guy came to assess the apartment, so he could plan time and packaging for it all. He was a really friendly guy. Like, really friendly. For once, I don't mean creepy hitting on me friendly either. He just chatted me up the whole time and there came a point once we were done all the walk through and paperwork, that I thought I was actually going to have to ask him to leave. No, we're not going to just sit here and chat. We're done here. It was kind of amusing, but also slightly weird. But I just stood up and he followed my lead to the door. Thanks for the visit guy. Well in part of his babbling, he told me condos in downtown S'toon are so expensive because it's elite and prestigious. I couldn't help but laugh as I sat outside for my lunch today, in the heart of downtown, and watched a cop arrest a guy an confiscate his backpack. So elite and prestigious down here. How appropriate.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Missy

Melissa is a forever friend.
Forever friends are hard to find.
But forever friends come with two inherent qualities that result in two of my favourite things:
They come with loyalty and personality.
Which result in the best memories and the promise of more.

Today is Melissa's birthday. Melissa doesn't like birthdays. I love birthdays. I love Melissa.

And upon visiting her blog today, I ventured upon some of the reasons I love Melissa and was reminded of even more as a result. We've had some great adventures, and I wish I was on a computer that had some pics of those adventures, but perhaps I'll add some in one day. And maybe this post will not be near as funny or endearing to anyone else but us, but here is a little (and not near inclusive) recap of our friendship - and why I love Melissa:

- We met in highschool. I was her little rugby prodigy, she was my idol.
- Sleepovers at her house where she mentored me on how to get the guy and we told stories and secrets. {And then I woke up to her brother and cousin who are my age... Oh hey guys... awkward.}
- I was privy to Melissa's grad lunch with her family. I love her family.
- She went away to university, but I conveniently dated her cousin so we could hang out at family get togethers, and so I could ask her if I could live with her in Edmonton.
- Thus we became roommates. It was a wonderful year.
- She took me in and helped me make friends, and was my workout buddy. One of us always felt like running. Or late night cleaning.
- We abided by our vows of silence when we needed to study, but would talk for hours when friends on.
- Did we compete who went the longest without showering...? Yeah that happened. She won.
- Date night. Sushi. Thai. Valentines Day. Pints of ice cream. Movie rentals. Accidental all night marathons. Oodle Noodle Box. {Please next weekend?!}
- Our banter. Man we have good banter. Even if we were a little competitive ;)
- That one time we drove 10 hours just to go see boys.
- When Melissa helped Bonnie and I study for and write our nutrition final. Now that's friendship.
- Asian dress-up and epic battle at the Wilderman's.
- One time we were dancing and she decided to try and dip me and dropped me on my head instead.
- It's okay, we cuddled later. 3 way. Only we could pull that off. Sorry again for that.
- All of our dress up moments. Like stealing our roommate's clothes to dress like rock stars just to go to Wes's and play rockband with perfectly normal dressed people.
- We made lots of delicious food together.
- Photo opps.
- Melissa is not a hugger, which makes her that much more a better friend for all the hugs and hand holds and shoulders to cry on she gave me freely. This girl is the best pep talker you've ever met. And made me the greatest smile book in the world that still makes me cry every time.
- Strangers love her. Which make for good stories.
- I feel like I don't have to pretend to be anything with her or put any particular foot forward. I'm just me and she's just her and whether we get each other all the time or not, we're still us.
- Now she's a dentist and I'm married and life is different, but it's also the same.
- I get to move to Cold Lake, where her parents live and will be our best friends and I'm sure to see more of Melissa again! {You don't know how excited that makes me}

There are SO many adventures and memories and inside jokes bubbling inside me, but really I just wanted to make sure everyone appreciates today how awesome a person Melissa is! Because today's her birthday!


Whether you think I'm cheesy or not. I love you THIS MUCH :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathing Suits, Bicycles, and Bad Drivers

Today was a great day.
Today I made a delicious breakfast for one.
Today I put on my swimsuit, packed a bag, and went to the park 2 blocks away that has a splash pool and ample sunny grass for reading my kindle.
Today I stayed at that park for 4 hours until I was good and tanned (burned) and had read 45% of my book.
Today I had a handful of skittles and a bottle of water for lunch.
Today I finally hauled mine and Trent's bikes out of the back seat of my car where they've been chillin' since last weekend when I brought them back from Leth.
Today I learned that bikes get really hot in the back seat of cars and should be taken out in the morning while it's still cool so you don't have to use oven mitts to get them out and they don't scald you every time they bump your skin.
Today I went for a bike ride.
Today I almost got hit by an ambulance on said bike ride.
Yes, today I was riding down Clarence when an ambulance swerved to go around a car waiting to turn left and that ambulance came within a foot of me on my bike; pinning me between it and the curb. I had to slam on my brakes and lean away so it didn't swipe me. If I hadn't been so concerned with my life, I would have hit the side of the ambulance with my hand out of fury and to make a point of how close it was to me. A truck drove past me after and the lady called out the window that she had seen that and asked if I was okay. At least someone else witnessed my near death experience and could have called an ambulance if one had hit me.
Today I remembered how much I love riding my bike, though, despite ambulances.
Today I rode to a friend's house just because I could and hung out while her hilarious kids danced for us. (I love dancing kids) (I love dancing)
Today I watched my friend's baby sip pool water off the pavement. Repeatedly.
Today was pizza Friday at their house. I love pizza Friday.
Today I had a good conversation with my husband.
Today I love technology for keeping people far away close.
Today I wore my swimsuit all day.
Today was a great day.
Tomorrow is going to be a great day, too.