Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Lovin' and Lists

So far this summer has been pretty great, all things considered. And by ALL things considered, I mean considering Trent's gone. Because that's really been the only downside.

I've gotten a lot of sun already. Which, let's face it, is so important to me. I got to go home for the Canada Day long weekend and play with my family and watch fireworks - love. And I've gotten to spend time with two of my far away friends Melissa and Amy - whom both I adore and am so excited to see again when I can. I got to babysit Maja's pool for a few days, which meant more sunshine and swimming, and even a pool party with some sweet friends out here. Love it. I've gotten to ride my bike all over town. And my office isn't that busy, so I've gotten to get off early some days, which is ALWAYS nice! And I've gotten to make lots of different types of salsa - which are kind of my thing right now. I love all things homemade salsa. Mango. The best.

And now my summer is going to be so busy from here on out:
- This weekend I'm headed home for some serious family/friend time.
- Next weekend I'm going home to go camping in Waterton.
- Weekend after that the moving boys are coming and we're heading to Cold Lake with all of our stuff!
- Weekend after that I'll just barely be coming home from Cold Lake, after a week of signing, cleaning, unpacking, getting a PO box so I can start forwarding mail, and meeting at my future job!
- Weekend after that TRENT COMES HOME!!!
- Weekend after that I'll be in HAWAII at Amy's wedding!
- Weekend after that will be into September already and I'll be staying at friends' places in S'toon while I finish up working/waiting for Trent to return again.
- Give it three more weeks and then I'm getting my tonsils out on Sept 27! Hurray! And then Trent gets back on the 28th... welcome home... to poor sick me. And we get to drive to Cold Lake. I hope they give me a lot of drugs. At least Trent will be home to take care of me...?

And all the while in between I'll be working and playing all I can! I love summertime. I'd rather be busy than bored. And lonely.

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