Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Call

Yesterday the moving guy came to assess the apartment, so he could plan time and packaging for it all. He was a really friendly guy. Like, really friendly. For once, I don't mean creepy hitting on me friendly either. He just chatted me up the whole time and there came a point once we were done all the walk through and paperwork, that I thought I was actually going to have to ask him to leave. No, we're not going to just sit here and chat. We're done here. It was kind of amusing, but also slightly weird. But I just stood up and he followed my lead to the door. Thanks for the visit guy. Well in part of his babbling, he told me condos in downtown S'toon are so expensive because it's elite and prestigious. I couldn't help but laugh as I sat outside for my lunch today, in the heart of downtown, and watched a cop arrest a guy an confiscate his backpack. So elite and prestigious down here. How appropriate.

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