Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BIG news

I realize it's been a while since I've written anything.
I have a couple excuses:
A) Trent was working in Moose Jaw and only home on weekends for a month and a half, so I really didn't have a whole lot to write about, then
B) Trent graduated, became a dentist, we went house hunting, and Trent left for boot camp! so I haven't had time to write about all that's been going on.

So here's my BIG news!
1) Trent graduated from Dentistry and is a full out officially licensed dentist!

Trent's awesome Captain's uniform. He didn't actually wear it to the banquet, but boy he should have, eh?! It's niiiiiice. But the banquet was awesome! Great food, great speakers, great company, great night.

2) After HOURS of grueling internet stalking, we went on our house hunting trip to Cold Lake!

We arrived with 34 houses on our "short list" to see, our realtor crossed off numerous houses because they had sold or had pending offers, and because a couple weren't worth looking at. I think we ended up looking at maybe 16 houses? I don't even remember. Two days, 16 houses, and the last one we arrived at was...
Trent - "It's perfect, we'll take it." He ran around the backyard for 10 min before he even came inside. Where he announced again, "It's perfect, we'll take it." I wasn't quite as sold as he was initially. I mean from the outside, heck yeah, but the facelift it needs on the inside... I came around after we made some reno plans and Trenty promised to make it as beautiful inside as out. I love it.
But how do you say no to this place??
So we didn't!

As of tonight, we are officially homeowners! It was a crazy last minute run around. Trent may have had words with our mortgage broker and our realtor was a little stressed and sliding in our final info at the last minute. But by 9pm (the deadline) we were homeowners!! SO EXCITING!!!

Ta da!

And now...

Trenty goes off to war :(
Ok, boot camp.
For 2 months.
Psychologically, I was prepared for this moment.
Emotionally, I was not.
My head knew he was leaving.
My heart only just realized it.
And broke.
*deep breath*
Let the countdown begin.

Let the summer begin! Already, I want to quit my job and just do what I want. Oh well, there'll be plenty of time for fun and games.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little forward, no?

So I got into an elevator today and once in, realized it was going up not down. I look at the only other person in the elevator, a middle aged asian man, and say, "I'll follow you up and then go back down." To which he responds, "Wanna hold hands?" as he holds his hand out to me. WHAT?! I'm sure I  made a face, but I try to just smile, and laugh and say, "Well that might be hard to explain to my husband... 'You held a strangers hand in an elevator?!'" Luckily the elevator doors then open and the asian man laughs and walks onto the 4th floor. As I head back down to the lobby, all I can think is, "Did he really hold his hand out?" AHAHAHAHAHA uhhh thanks stranger?