Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need a job.

Last week was my first week of reduced hours. Which means I had Thursday and Friday off. You know what happens when I have spare time? Baking.

I love baking. But that means I then eat baking. Which is soon going to be detrimental to my goal that I'm only finally beginning to see results from. I almost died doing cardio today just trying to burn enough calories to make up for the following...

What do you get when you put these two things together?

Only the most delicious, gooey cookies you've ever eaten!

For real, these cookies are just so dang good. My mouth is watering just thinking about the second batch I just pulled out of the oven. I forgot how big of batch this recipe makes... which means I still have more batter left even after cooking a couple dozen Friday AND today. I'm going to have to send the last dozen's worth of batter to my freezer. I just can't have any more of these scrumptious devils sitting on my counter.

And that's not even where I stopped.

Ever since Trent and I made scones with the Wests a couple weeks ago, it got me wanting to make proper scones. You see, "scones" as most of us know them, are deep-fried to golden perfection and my favourite when served with honey butter melting over them. I grew up making these with my mom, shaking them in paper bags filled with cinnamon and sugar. When we decided to make scones, I decided to google to see how other recipes look. I'm pretty sure we just used bread dough for our scone parties in Edmonton (which we epic and I miss them), but I wanted to see what the world of google had to say. As it turns out, deep-fried scones are better known to google as "mormon" or "Utah" scones. Funny right? Figures.

But upon my googling, I innitially discovered a lot of good looking "Real" scone recipes. You know, the more British type - proper. Baked. So once I made a bunch of cookies, I decided I'd switch gears to something that felt a little - a little - more healthy. And I am so happy I did, check out my first real scones!

Mmmmm. Sorry, I ate two before I stopped to take a pic.
They're that good.

They're pretty straightforward, too. Pretty much my mom's biscuits, but sweeter. I'm excited to start throwing in raisins or craisins or orange zest now. I wanted to find a good base recipe before I started goofing around, but now the skies the limit!

Oh love handles... how I thought we were going to say goodbye... I need a job.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Badda Boom Badda Bing

Trent has been contemplating getting a black powder rifle for months now. Here in Saskatchewan, you can hunt with a black powder rifle for a month ealier and more than you can with a regular rifle. It wasn't until he spotted something he liked that he decided it was time to go shopping.

So last Saturday we spent the day looking at, learning about, and buying Trent's new black powder rifle. And obviously we had to try it out, too.

The wind was SO cold.
But look how happy he looks.
Black powder baby
And we are ready to go
love at first shot.
Shooting guns is always a good time. It's like fireworks. I love the loud boom. It gives you a rush of adrenaline every time. This gun had such a good boom, it blew the leaves off the surrounding trees. It was wicked. I thought my hearing may not return, but it was worth it.

Then comes round two.

Trent went out hunting Monday evening. And got what he went for.

165 baby. So proud.
Then comes the after party...

We might have all the  skin and guts from that head in our kitchen garbage now. Awesome.
Oh thanks for laying down a garbage bag first, babe.
Too bad it didn't actually help protect the table...

Yep. That's for real.
So glad we could move over our pictures to make enough room for this bad boy. I think it really just pulls the room together, don't you?

Oh boys and their toys and their games. We're having a great time. And it's not even November yet.

Puppy Love

Thanksgiving was super. Two full family dinners, one beautiful puppy, several ducks shot on the Bevans duck hunt, and so much fun all around. How do you not love this baby -->

Trent decided it would be a good idea have take one of Kurt's puppies for the weekend, you know, as training wheels. Have a puppy for the weekend, see if you're ready for a puppy for good. And everyone knows puppies precede babies. We call them baby steps.

She was a big hit. Everyone loved her. Alas, she was just training wheels for the weekend and she had to go home again. But it was a fun weekend while it lasted.

Family Photo :)

Sometimes Trent is a tough guy...

Sometimes he's fun-loving...

Sometimes he's just loving.
I think our puppy training weekend went better than planned. I have puppy love. Which is no surprise to me. For some reason I think Trent thought I was anti us getting a puppy and he schemed this weekend to make me fall in love with a puppy to convince me we should have one. Silly Trent. I'm only anti puppy while we have an apartment. Puppies grow into dogs and dogs don't belong in apartments. I love puppies. Who doesn't? But I love puppies that can have a yard to live and grow up in. We might be ready for a puppy when we finally have a yard for one. At least you can put a puppy outside and ignore her for a while if you need/want to... As for the rest of the baby steps...We might not be ready for a baby. The first day with puppy, she may have been left alone for the majority of the day. Okay with puppy. Not okay with baby. Oh well, baby steps right?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Still Laughing

It's raining.
It's pouring.
There are puddles.
Big puddles.
There are pedestrians walking ahead of me.
There is a giant puddle in front of me.
There is a car beside me.
There are very wet pedestrians walking behind me.
I am laughing.
That was unavoidable.
That was awesome.
I am still laughing.

Sorry peds, but you just made my day.
There is a silver lining to every rain cloud -

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's officially autumn. There's a chill in the air today, and it smells like autumn. Yes smells like it. You can smell the leaves and the cool crispness today. I look out my window and see colours changing, leaves falling, and cloudy skies.
It's chilly outside. And not just the early morning chilly I've been experiencing for the past couple weeks. The temperature isn't getting any warmer today.

But I'm kind of okay with it. It's a perfect day for grilled cheese and mushroom soup for lunch. It's a perfect day to curl up on the couch with a blanket and cup of warm delicious licorice spice tea.

It's a perfect day to stay curled and cuddled and watch conference. And later maybe a little feel good movie. Maybe a little popcorn and hot chocolate. Yep. Today is a perfect autumn day.