Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2 & 3

Tuesday was a lot calmer day than Monday. The movers were still MIA, but I got a call around 6:30am from the guy hauling Trent's truck. He just wanted to make sure I was around and had possession of the house before he left Edmonton. Uh, yup, thanks for the wake up call. So then I was pretty much awake for the day. Awesome.

Since it was going to take a while for the guy to get here with Trent's truck I figured I'd head to McDonald's for breakfast and wait for him to call. I ended up spending something like 3 hours there. Just loitering and using their free WiFi. No call. But a lot of productive internetting.

In the end the truck didn't end up showing up until 2pm. Ugh. So I got to hang out around the acreage for a while. Which as beautiful as it is outside - it's empty inside. And was raining. But have you ever seen a vehicle load or unloaded onto a flatbed truck? Kind of cool.

Wednesday was a little more productive. THE MOVERS CAME! Hurrah! And it only took from 8:30am-2pm to unload and unpack! The two guys were nice and efficient. Good combo. And as weird as it may sound, when they put the first part of the sectional in the living room, all of a sudden it was a home. It was an odd click. But it made me so happy.

One tragic realization about the house, though - the kitchen has even less cupboard and counter space than the apartment! Sad sad day. And I no longer have a giant front closet to use as a pantry. It must all go in the basement. There's almost literally no room for any food in the kitchen. So sad. I think kitchen reno may have to be numero uno on the list! (Right along with the carpets getting ripped out, because though much improved, pee smell still persists. Ew.)

Once the movers were gone, and all my possessions were successfully strewn all over the house (all the movers do is take everything out of the boxes and leave them on the floor/counters) I only had it in me to do a little general organizing, then I had to go buy a late lunch. I was starving. So I got my food and headed to the marina to enjoy the sun. And somehow I found myself taking a nap on a bench there... it was a lovely nap. Who knew I'd be that person? But I sure am. I was full out asleep. My cell phone vibrating scared me awake.

I got to watch sailboats set-up and prep to go out, though. The club must have had something going because there were 8 of them that went out. It was really cool. I don't think I've ever seen a sailboat close up. With my nap and watching the sailboats for 2 hours, I gave up any pretend ambition of going back to the acreage and headed to Lowry's to watch a movie and eat cherries that Dave had lured me with.

I figure it's okay to turn in early, because today is going to be full of unpacking and cleaning and arranging. It's too bad we have to haul our garbage from the acreage because looking at all my stuff laid out on countertops and furniture made me want to throw a lot of it away. So today might entail a dump run too. Exciting. If I'm lucky I'll get enough done to justify going outside to garden a bit. The flowerbeds are growing over big time and it's supposed to be SO sunny and hot today. Can't wait.

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