Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Having a Husband

Having Trent back is SO nice. And he managed to get on an earlier flight so he arrived at 3:30pm Friday instead of 7:30pm! It was an awesome surprise. Friday we just hung out, went to the football game with Robbie and Bailey and back to their place to watch the Hunger Games - still so good. It was really nice to have a normal fun evening with my husband and friends. I felt a little desperate at times for him to never leave my side, but I know I'm a crazy person so I tried to let it pass.

Then Saturday we ran some necessary errands to tie up some loose ends before our trip while the carpet cleaners and maids did their thing in our apt. We also made a "necessary" trip to Cabella's. Of course it was necessary haha. True sign of Trent being back - and hunting on the brain immediately. They didn't have any more in of the tree stand he wants, so I'm now commissioned to return frequently and watch for one. Or two? That boy. We did get me some awesome hunting boots and socks and a self heating cushion for the treestand we will get. Love it. He's really quite thoughtful. He knows how cold my feet and I get so he made sure we had the warmest dryest boots and socks we could get. Since I plan on being his ride along this fall. Maybe I'll get a deer with my bow! We already have one on Trent's trail cam we might try for me. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

We spent the evening looking at hardwood and tile, trying to envision what we really want in our new house! We found this great bargain place in S'toon that should at least make our hardwood dreams come true. And maybe even tile, too! It's so much fun to look around and dream and have it actually matter. Like, it's decision time! We really CAN have that colour and style if we want. WHAT DO I WANT?? Oh it's so hard to know. I've never had a house before! How do you decide what is the most you and most beautiful and most practical all at once?? Someone, please tell me.

Sunday was my last day as the primary chorister. It was kind of bitter sweet. I actually really love that calling most days. So we played our games and sang our songs and I handed over my songbook and binder. *sigh*. Here's to seeing what Cold Lake has in store for Trent and I at church! And I'm a little sad we'll be missing this next Sunday in S'toon because they're rearranging all the ward boundaries! Like major renovations happening here! They're disbanding the YSA branch, too! OH MY GOODNESS. So much excitement haha. I really can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Before church I had lamented to Trent how I had forgotten about all the condiments in the fridge and I left too much in the fridge freezer. I know it sounds silly, but standing there looking at all of those things that we were either going to have to give or throw away - it was so much money! We had some really good stuff left in there - and practically full. So Trent had suggested we skip church and go to Cold Lake. It really wasn't a bad idea. I kind of wanted to. Not for the skipping church part, but for the going to Cold Lake with Trent and saving the food and showing him the house! But since it was my last day in primary, I figured I should go. And I really wanted to just sit beside my husband in Sacrament Meeting. Call me simple.

After church, though, I still just couldn't believe we were throwing away all that goodness. So Trent and I decided, that's it, we're going to Cold Lake! So for the next 30-45 min we rushed to get everything for Hawaii organized, everything for Trent's BDOC organized, and everything else that could stay in Cold Lake organized. We were supposed to do the walk-through of our apt with the building manager that evening, but she refused to answer her door every time I knocked on it. Oh well. By 6pm, we were loaded and on our way to Cold Lake. Crazy, right? We took a "short cut" secondary road which ended up being a complete adventure. Compact, potholed, dirt road majority of the way. Narrow, winding, through Indian country - a horse and native came out of nowhere and scared the heck out of us at one point. It's too bad it was dark, because I'm sure at least the scenery would have been lovely... But we still got there in 4 hours, which is about how long it takes on the more main roads at speed limit so not all was lost. We spent the next 2.5 hours measuring out every square inch of the house so we'd have as exact an outline as possible for planning flooring and painting and reno's. It was a great thing to get done, because now Trent can really plan and look into things in his spare time in Ontario. We fell into bed about 12:45am ish and set our alarm for 5:15am. We had to be back in S'toon by 10am to re-load the car with Hawaii and BDOC stuff, leave a note and keys for our building manager, return our internet router to shaw, and get to the airport by 11am to check in for our 12:15pm flight! Needless to say, I was very exhausted driving back to S'toon. But we timed everything perfectly and it all worked out great! All we have to hope now is I really do get our damage deposit back haha. By the time we landed in Hawaii, I couldn't even comprehend last night's adventure having happened at all, forget about it happening within the same 24 hours! But that's a true sign of Trent being back - adventures. I love it. We're crazy people.

Now Hawaii is a whole other blog post, I'm afraid. I just happen to wake up at 7am here and thought I might share some stories! Hawaii is a dream. But Trent's up now so I'm done here.

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